Saturday, December 10, 2011

Helping little sister


Guest post of the week by Val Flores

I have been trying to help my sister with her move. It is proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought. She is a very independent person and I love her for that, but sometimes she doesn’t make the best decisions. Since a move is a big deal, I have been trying to help her. I am starting to think she doesn’t want my help. Yesterday, I was researching power companies at, when she saw my computer screen. I guess she knew I was doing it for her and started to get mad. She assured me she had everything under control. While I have no doubt she is doing well, I just want to make sure she is getting the best deals and making the best decisions. I guess one day I will have to stop double checking her and stop helping her, but she is my little sister. It has always been my job to watch over her. I am not sure I will ever be able to stop. She means the world to me and I never want her to do anything wrong.

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