Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas–Ickee Stikeez (Review)



Looking for a great stocking stuffer for your child this holiday season?  Look no further than the fun toy, Ickee Stikeez.


Ickee Stikeez are collectable creatures that you can pop, bounce, stick, collect or just creep out your friends. My daughter loved sticking them to all the flat surfaces in the house, only to pull them off to hear the popping sound.  It was so cute and funny, as each time she did this, she couldn’t stop laughing.  Who knew a little toy like this could a child busy for hours!



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ICKEE Stikeez are available in single pack and 3 packs. 

A single pack retails for $1.25, while it only costs $2.99 for a triple-pack. The single packs come with a ICKEE and pod, while the 3 packs come with 3 ICKEES and pods, as well as a 3 Koinz. These Koinz can be used to unlock exclusive content on the ICKEE Stikeez website.

To find a Zing retailer near you, who cares these cool toys, click here to use the online store locator.





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