Monday, December 5, 2011

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas -- Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy Energy Nuggets by SuperFoods

I was recently sent a bag of Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy energy nuggets to sample, from Superfood Snacks.  

The Raw Chocolate "Instant Energy Snack" Tropical Style...

Want to put yourself in the ultimate state of raw chocolate euphoria? Indulge in a decadent taste of the islands with rich dark cacao, luscious brazil nuts and tropical fruits of mango, banana, coconut and Incan berries. Packed with chia seeds, maca root and balanced with cinnamon and truly raw vanilla bean powder, you'll experience real, raw energy you can feel and flavors you'll go wild for!

Each package contains 6 Raw Chocolate Superfood Snacks.  There are 3 servings per package, 2 Raw Chocolate Snacks per serving.

I couldn't believe how packed with flavor each nugget was.  And, after reading the ingredients that are combined to make this tasty treat, I was so happy I found a new way to gain increased energy, while satisfying my sweet tooth.  As many of you know, I just love chocolate.  So, any chance I get to each chocolate, especially with nuts, I am all for it.  I loved the crunch of the brazil nuts in this nugget.  The chocolate was so rich and creaming.   My taste buds were going crazy, each and every time I chewed, as more and more flavors were released.  You could taste the banana, mango coconut and other tropical fruits, as well as cinnamon and vanilla bean.  I have never had a snack that packed so much great taste and flavor, into a small and healthy chocolate snack.

And, with the holidays around the corner, I will definitely be telling friends about Superfood Snacks, and their line of healthy snacks, as they would make for great stocking stuffers, or last minute gifts for family and friends.

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


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