Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Get Rid of Tangled Hair Easily and Pain-Free with the Knot Genie (Review and Giveaway)


Closed.  And, the winner is: Shannon L.




Does anyone in your family have wild or unmanageable hair that is hard to brush?  When you child gets out of the bath, do they dread having you comb or brush their hair, as it hurts trying to get the tangles out?  If you said, “Yes” to either of these questions, then look no further than the Knot Genie to solve your problems.  You may think that this detangling brush is just like others on the market – that don’t really get the tangles out, and sometimes hurt more than a regular brush – but, not the Knot Genie – this brush ACTUALLY WORKS!!


Even though my daughter, Savannah, has baby fine hair, when she is done eating and running her dirty fingers through her hair, she somehow gets it all tangled.  Even after washing this shampoo, I still need to brush these tangles out – to her discomfort.  What should be a quick brush with her baby fine hair, turns into a chore, lasting 10-15 minutes, as I try to brush section and detangle knots as I go along, so when the brush goes through, it will not hurt as much. 

However, since receiving the Knot Genie, I can finally brush my daughter’s hair with confidence, knowing that it will not pull and hurt her.  And, she is now enjoying me brushing her hair, as is relaxes her.  As a ritual now, at bedtime I pull out the Knot Genie to brush her hair and give her a nice scalp massage.  Isn’t always the same story, Daddy’s Little Girl gets all the pampering and attention. Smile

So, if you are looking to take the pain and headache out of brushing tangled hair,, let it be yourself or your child’s, then you should give the Knot Genie a try today.  What do you have to lose? 


---BUY NOW--


Click here to buy the Knot Genie (which comes in a variety of colors) for only $19.99.


The first person to email me (rmccoy1234 at gmail dot com) and let me know who they would love to win the Knot Genie for, will win one for themselves.  And, it will go out in today’s mail, so you will have it in time for Christmas, if you want to give as a gift, or add to a stocking.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


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