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Ancient Stones Ancient Elixir Setting Spray—For Busy Moms Who Want Their Makeup to Stay On, Until They Take It Off (Review)




Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals creates all-natural mineral makeup that’s additive, filler, preservative and talc-free. To set the makeup perfectly in place, Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals has created the Ancient Elixir Setting Spray. Designed to give the face a smooth air-brushed look, the Ancient Elixir Setting Spray can be used in conjunction with Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals or other retail brands.

With a mission to beautify and nurture the human body, Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals takes a holistic approach to beautiful skin. After women set their makeup with the Ancient Elixir Setting Spray, they can workout, go swimming or participate in various daily activities without their makeup smudging, running or coming off.


My Thoughts:

Every girl wants to look their best, right?  Busy moms are no exception.  So, why do many of us opt not to wear makeup.  One main reason is that we are pressed for time once the kids get up in the morning.  we are lucky if we can get in a shower before our husband's come home from work.  Another reason is that with all the running around doing errands and literally chasing after active babies and toddlers, if we were makeup, it begin to run.  And, if you have combination or oily skin -- forget it, you will have a shine to the "T" area by mid-morning. This frustrates many moms, so instead of carrying around a compact to touch up your makeup throughout the day, we choose to go bare.

But, I have found, for myself and as close girlfriends have told me, that we feel pretty or more put together if we have makeup on. If only there was a product that we could use that would keep our makeup in place during the day, and that didn't contain harsh chemicals or would leave our skin feeling dried out once removed.  No, I am not talking about shellacking our faces, but, instead using Ancient Stones Ancient Elixir Setting Spray.  This spray is a combination of distilled water, copper and silver.  Silver acts as an antibacterial agent, while copper gives the appearance of more elasticity to the skin.  So, as you can see -- no harsh chemicals here.

And, the verdict, you ask?  Well, I put this product to the true test.  On my induction day for our second daughter, I put makeup on like usual and used the ancient Elixir Setting Spray.  If this product could last through 10+ hours of labor, then it was a keeper.  After my 14 hr. labor and delivery, I looked at my face in the mirror.  There were no smudges or creases at all. I looked like I had just applied a fresh coat of makeup to my face.  How amazing is that?  Yes, it may have been crazy to wear makeup during labor, but I had to see for myself how well this product actually worked. And, in my eyes, this is a keeper. 

Now, on those days that I find I have extra time in the morning, or have a full day of errands to run with the kids, I will apply my makeup, followed by this setting spray.  In seconds it dries and leaves my makeup in place all day, until I am ready to take it off.

So, if you are a busy mom on the go, who doesn’t want to compromise when it comes to looking her best and skimping on the makeup because fear of smudging or mid-morning shine, I highly suggest picking up a bottle of the Ancient Elixir Setting Spray.  You will not believe the difference it makes!

---BUY NOW---

Ancient Stones Ancient Elixir Setting Spray is available online at The Ancient Elixir Setting Spray ranges between $11 and $72 for 1-8 ounce sizes.


About Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals:

Launched in September 2003, Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals is jointly ran/managed by Gloria Webb-Williams (CEO) and Cathlene Michaels-Brader (CFO). Gloria and Cathlene bring many years of holistic, beauty and technology knowledge allowing them to collaborate on Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals’ products and services.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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