Tuesday, November 29, 2011

With the Holidays Upon Us, Make Sure Your House is Ready for Unexpected Guests with P&G Home Care Products



This past Thanksgiving, we had a few unexpected guests who had stopped by to see our new daughter, Arabella (now 2 1/2 weeks old).  Luckily, I had spent the beginning part of the week cleaning up the house, as my parents were coming for dinner on Thanksgiving.  In the final weeks of my pregnancy, I had neglected the housecleaning, along with the week after leaving the hospital with our new bundle of joy.  But, thanks to the kind folks at P&G, I was sent sample of their Home Care line, which included the following brands/products: Febreze, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, Dawn/Cascade.  So, when I arrived home from the hospital, I had all the necessary cleaning products to get my house in order.

With 2 young children at home (Savannah is 16 1/2 months and Arabella is 2 1/2 weeks), it is hard to find the time to clean the house in one day.  So, I have been breaking down the cleaning and tackling a few rooms each day.  And, every night I make a point to have the laundry done, and leave no dishes in the sink.  This has helped immensely, so that when the weekend comes, I can tackle the 4 bathrooms in the house, and clean the floors.  And, with only a few rooms left to clean, I am able to spend more time with my family – which is priceless.  To help with my cleaning, I am always looking for products that are safe to use around children and pets, and that make cleaning up a breeze.  And, thanks to P&G, they offer a wide assortment of cleaning products that fit this bill.

Now, many people would not be excited about receiving cleaning products to sample, but I was.  I couldn’t wait to try out each and every one and see how it would make cleaning up a breeze, for a busy mom on the go, like myself. 


With 2 young children who go through dozens of bottles and sippy cups a day, I was excited to try out the Cascade tablets in my dishwasher.  They really did wonders in getting rid of inky formula stains and residue left in the bottles, that a simple soap and brush wouldn’t get clean.  So, if you have babies at home and use the dishwasher religiously like I do, you definitely need to try Cascade products – they will get the job done the first time!

I was sent an amazing new product (or to me it was new) – Dawn Power Clean.


This worked wonders on all the lasagna trays I was sent over in the past few weeks from family and friends.  It removed the tough, set in tomato sauce stains and burnt on cheese globs, so I didn’t have to spend what seems likes hours scrubbing away at the pans at the sink.


With 3 little dogs at home, I am always lighting candles or using room fresheners to get rid of the wet dog smell, pet stain odors, etc. Usually, my go-to brand is Febreze, as they offer pleasant smelling fresheners and really do the trick in masking unwanted odors.  So, when I saw I was sent an extra-strength sample, I couldn’t wait to go spray-crazy around the house – and, did I.  My husband walked in the house and could smell the product right away. Smile


As for the Mr. Clean sample, I was sent sponges for the kitchen and bath.  Again, I used these this past week when prepping for the Thanksgiving visitors.  I just love Mr. Clean sponges.  They are so durable and really clean up tough, set in grime and messes quickly and easily.


The only product I didn’t try personally, as I left it to my husband to use, was the Swiffer.  He is the duster in the family.  After going around dusting everything this past week, he couldn’t stop raving about how the Swiffer sample.  It really did get in those tough to dust spaces around light fixtures, etc. and held the dust in unlike other products that just move the dust around.

Overall, I have been a huge fan of P&G for years, and now thanks to the samples I was recently sent, it only solidifies my loyalty to this company and their brands/products. I will continue to share my reviews on these amazing products with family and friends, and stand behind them 100%.  They really do make my life a busy mom so much easier.  And, my house hasn’t looked cleaner!


Disclosure:  I was sent samples from P& G in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone. 

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