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Protect Your Glasses This Holiday Season with Silikins (Review)

Have you been flipping through celebrity gossip magazines lately and see parents like Laila Ali, Selma Blair, Giada DeLaurentis, Molly Ringwald, Josh Turner and also toting their little ones around.  And, it looks like they are holding cup kookies for their bottles and cups?  Well, they are.  They are using Silikids products. Silikids makes a variety of eco-friendly products which feature silicone as the main
ingredient.  The Silikids collection includes silicone sleeves (Siliskins) for baby bottles, baby
food jars, containers as well as glass cups for kids; kneepads for crawling babies, silicone baby bibs and drinking glasses encased in silicone sleeves. 

In caring for the planet, a conscious effort is made to produce products that last and promote reuse. Packaging is minimal, and silicone can be recycled at specific recycling centers. Customers can send their Silikids products back to Silikids and they will have it recycled for them too!

Full Line of Silikids Products Now Available:

New! Heavy Duty Silikins-Heavy Duty Silikins feature patent pending shock absorption technology built into the Siliskin.  This technology makes the Siliskin 30 times stronger than the Original Siliskins and similar products available in the marketplace.  The Heavy Duty Siliskins will be offered in large and small standard sizes and are a perfect fit for standard size glass and metal baby bottles.

Available December 2011
Available in Lime and Aqua
Recommended retail: $6.95-$8.95

Siliskin Glass Cups for Kids (new! glasses will now be offered in sets of same colors beginning December 2011)-A stylish new option for the entire family and a safe alternative to plastic drinkware!  Glass is the cleanest option for drinking and it's great because it's reusable and recyclable.  The 6 oz. Siliskin Glass Cup for Kids is perfect for kids learning to drink from a "big kid" cup (the extra Siliskin layer makes it easier to grip and less likely to slip).

The 12 oz. Siliskin glasses are a great new option for the entire family.  For people looking to use glass outside by the pool, deck or even inside, these larger sizes offer the safer benefits of extra grip and protection of the glass, making them a great alternative to plastic for drinking cocktails and beverages.  Siliskin glasses are dishwasher safe (skins can be removed from the glass for washing and are easy to put back on, although not necessary to take off with every cleaning).  Available in sets of four in the following sizes and colors:

6 oz. Siliskin Glass Cup for Kids (Available in Lime, Aqua, Red or Purple)  
Recommended Retail $26.00

12 oz. Siliskin Glass (Available in Lime or Aqua)
Recommended Retail $32.00

Siliskins for Baby Food Jars-Now, there's an easier way to travel with baby food jars.  The small Siliskins are a perfect complement to these jars and solve the problem of breakage while inside a diaper bag or tote.  As the Siliskin is extreme-temperature resistant, the baby food jar can also be microwaved and stored in the fridge or freezer with the Siliskin on the jar.

Available in a two pack of Aqua and White.  
Recommended Retail: $6.95

Original Siliskin Collection-A range of Siliskins designed to fit a variety of standard and wide neck metal and glass containers, glasses and baby bottles.  These safe, silicone sleeves help prevent breakage of glass and come in a translucent silicone allowing measurements and liquid to be seen.  Siliskins are hypoallergenic, have no open pores to harbor bacteria, can be boiled to sterilize and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Original Large Wideneck Siliskins fit:

Born Free 9 oz. glass bottle
Nuk Wideneck 240ml glass bottle
Fogo Straw Sippy by Thermas
13.5 oz. Sigg
Soda and beverage cans
Mason jar
Available in Green, Light Blue, Lilac, Yellow
Recommended Retail: $8.95

Universal Small Wideneck Siliskins fit:
Born Free 5 oz. glass bottle
Nuk Wide neck 120ml glass bottle
12oz Kleen Kanteen
10oz Sigg
Available in Red, Sky Blue, Teal Green, Yellow
Recommended Retail: $6.95

Universal Siliskin Standard Large fit:
Dr. Brown's 8oz. glass bottle
Dr. Brown's 7oz. glass bottle
Evenflo 8oz. glass bottle
Nurture Pure 8oz. glass bottle
Momo 9oz. glass bottle
Momo 8oz. glass bottle
Lamby 8oz. glass bottle
Medela 8oz. glass bottle
Pigeon 8oz. glass bottle
Available in Lime, Grey, Pink, Aqua
Recommended Retail: $8.95

Universal Siliskin Standard Small fit:
Dr. Brown's 4oz. glass bottle
Dr. Brown's 3.5oz. glass bottle
Evenflo 4oz. glass bottle
Medela 4oz glass bottle
Momo 4oz. glass bottle
Nurture Pure 4oz. glass bottle
Pigeon 4oz. glass bottle
Lamby 4oz. glass bottle
Available in Red, Aqua, Lime, Purple
Recommended Retail: $6.95

Designed to fit first time feeders, this stylin' silicone bib is a welcome change from stained cloth or grubby plastic bibs.  The soft, wipe-away silicone material will lie flat on a little one's chest.  Clean up is a breeze with this hypo allergenic and dishwasher safe bib.
Available in Blue/Brown, Gray/Yellow, Green/Blue and Red/White.
Recommended Retail: $12.95

For crawlers to toddlers (6-24 months), these stylin' baby kneepads - made from cotton with silicone pad protection are designed to keep little one's knees feeling and looking good.  Designed for comfort and ease, Silipads slide over baby's knees to protect and keep them scrape-free from hard and irritable surfaces as they crawl and explore their surroundings.  Machine washable (dryer safe too!), one size fits most.
Available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange
Recommended Retail: $14.95


I have been using the 6 oz. Siliskin Glass Cup for Kids with Savannah, as we are teaching her to use a "big kid" cup. I love how this comes with both the cup and the silicone holder.  We had been using Silikins prior with her baby bottles, as a way to teach her how to hold and feed herself with the bottle, as most bottles would be slippery and fall out of her hands.  What a great mom-invented product this is.  Friends of mine have the Silibibs and can't stop raving about them.  Instead of doing laundry every day to clean messy bibs, they slip this on their child while eaten.  And, when done, simply run under water and let air day.  I heard Santa is getting one for Savannah this Christmas...but, shhh, we weren't supposed to know. :-) 

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About Silikids:

Co-founded by Stacey Feeley and Giuliana Schwab as the first mom-founded brand focused on creating children’s products that are germ, mold and toxin free, hypoallergenic and made entirely out of silicone. Silikids combines need-based innovation with the technological advances of silicone, making the company a pioneer in the children’s market.

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an hones review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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