Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Gift Giving Guide–Gifts for Kids–Shen the Panda Kit




Earlier this year, I did a review on Zylie the Bear.  Click here if you missed the post. First, what caught my eye about this and the Shen the Panda kits is that these products were created by a mother and son.  Together they run a successful business, on top of offering high quality products.  Matt kindly sent me a Shen the Panda kit to review as part of my Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2011, and I couldn’t have been happier.  My daughter Savannah just loves playing with her Zylie the Bear that was sent to me for review, so I couldn’t wait to share this 18 inch plush Shen the Panda with her.  Like Zylie the Bear, Shen the Panda, Zylie’s friend from China, comes dressed in a cool leather jacket, green t-shirt and khakis. He also has his backpack, filled with his passport and, most importantly, his drumsticks.  I just love how each of these plush bears come with their own stories for children to enjoy.  When you purchase Shen the Panda, your child will receive the second book in Zylie’s adventure series, where they will find out how Zylie and Theo meet Shen and follow their travels to China.



I can’t get over the workmanship of these plush bears, and especially love the cute leather jacket and drumsticks that come along with the Shen the Panda kit.  And, this bear is great for boys!  So, if you have a child at home who loves adventure and plush animals, why not pick them up either Zylie or Shen today – or both!! They will have so much fun learning about each bear and following along on their adventures and travels.


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Click here to buy the Shen the Panda Kit for only $49.99.  In addition to the plush bear, you can also buy additional clothing, which includes pajamas and other outfits to play dress up with.


About the Mother and Son Team Behind These Great Plush Bears:

Mary Beth Minton

Mary Beth Minton

CEO & Co-founder

Mary Beth created the original prototype for Zylie the Bear based off a hunch she had as a young mother: that young girls (and boys) liked the play experience of dolls, but many preferred playing with stuffed animals. In between that realization and reality, “MB” ran several non-profit organizations and raised three children. Before all that, she had a Wharton MBA and a banking career under her belt. MB is the driving creative force behind Zylie as both a product and a brand. In her free time she rock climbs and does silly things like sewing and making elaborate gingerbread houses.

Matthew McCarty

Matt McCarty

CXO & Co-founder

Before Zylie, Matt was living in Boulder and working in digital marketing. Prior to that, he attended Vanderbilt University, where he studied philosophy and economics. Recently, he has become infatuated with technology and the New York startup culture, and incorporates a lot of that world in crafting the Zylie brand. As Chief Experience Officer, he pays careful attention to every point of contact people have with the Zylie products and brand. In his free time he plays the drums, wishes he snowboarded more often, and has an unhealthy obsession with bacon and the word “awesome.”

Disclosure:  I was sent a Shen the Panda Kit from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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