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Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Smallville: The Complete 10th Season & The Complete Series --Available November 29th!!




About Smallville:. 

The series that redefines the origins of the world's greatest hero reaches its powerful conclusion with more revelations, more fascinating characters from DC Comics and a mind-blowing, spirit-lifting finale that is everything fans could want! In this 22-episode Season 10, super heroes emerge from the shadows, only to be driven underground by a public that labels them vigilantes. At the same time, otherworld forces of darkness gather, presenting Clark Kent with the greatest challenge of his young life. The world he calls home and the people he loves - including Lois Lane, who now shares his secret and his life - need a champion. They shall have one. Don't miss all the hopes, heartaches and heroics of a final season to remember. They will lift you up, up and away.

The "Smallville: The Complete Series" has all 218 episodes with over 28 hours of special features, never-before-seen features and production art and an Exclusive Daily Planet newspaper written by DC Comics!

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imageWith the holidays right around the corner, why not pre-order Season 10 or the complete series DVD for your Smallville fan or for yourself.  Having been a fan of Superman growing up, I was excited when Smallville, the television series began airing on the WB/CW network.  Who doesn’t like a heroin coming in to save the day?  And, did I mention the cute actor that plays Superman, .   I wouldn’t mind being rescued from danger from him (Don’t tell my husband).

This series, loved by many, had a great run – lasting 10 seasons, and never getting stale.  Even with the introduction of new characters, the writers were able to weave them perfectly into the storylines, keeping the show fresh, and making viewers tune in week and week out to see what happens next.

Here are just a few of my favorite Season 10 moments:

1) The 2-hour series finale, prior to the show starting, the show’s creator included a montage of clips from the entire series, which began in 2001.  I loved reliving some of the standout scenes of this long-running series.  This was a great introduction to the conclusion of this series, which will remain one of my favorite television series of all times.

image2) Clark walks Louis down the aisle – Come on, if you are true fan of this show, you can’t tell me that this scene didn’t make you tear up.  I think I went through a whole box of tissues, just watching this episode.


3) Chloe’s Smallville Sendoff –The producers did Chloe’s character justice in the way they showed her sendoff. Also, the touching scene with Clark really was fitting, and let her character shine.  This is definitely a scene worth seeing over and over again.

And, in regards to a favorite standout episode or scene from the complete Smallville series, I have to say the opening episode, where Clark Kent arrives in Smallville is hands down my favorite.  In this standout episode, he is in the cornfields and meets Louis, This is where they first meet and their journey together begins. 

Do you have a favorite moment from Season 10 or the complete series?  If so, I would love for you to comment below and share.

Disclosure: "I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'Smallville.'"

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