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Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Gifts for All–Crown Maple Farm and Their Pure Maple Syrups (Review)



While writing this review, I am watching Martha Stewart, as she is featuring Crown Maple Syrup in a recipe on her show.  Martha is making an Upside-Down Sticky Toffee Pudding, which looks truly delicious.  I can only imagine how good it takes with Crown Maple Medium Amber Syrup that I was recently able to sample.  In addition to the Crown Maple Medium Amber Syrup, I was also sent their
light and dark amber syrups.  This has been one of my favorite reviews for the holiday season, as it reminds me of trips with my family to local sugar shacks during maple syrup season.  Yes, we are still months away from this, but as the cold weather sets in, and snow begins to fall, I begin to see local farms hanging their metal buckets from the trees, in preparation for tapping.  Ahh, just writing, I am sitting here reminiscing about our trips to Parker's Maple Barn in Mason, NH, where we would take the annual syrup making tour, and then finish with a hearty breakfast at their restaurant, which included none other than pancakes and hot maple syrup.  

It was not until I was a teenager that I become a true fan of pure maple syrup.  I could no longer use imitation syrups on my pancakes or shaved ice, as it didn't taste the real thing.  So, every maple syrup season, I would save up enough money and buy a jug of syrup, which would last me the year.  And, now that I have a family of my own, I continue to buy pure maple syrup.  But, this time, I don't just use the maple syrup for breakfast.  Instead, I try to find recipes that incorporate the syrups to make sweet treats for family and friends to enjoy. 

So, when I reached out to the Crown Maple Farm and received a response that they would send me a sampling of their three maple syrups, I was over the moon.  As I waited for the samples to arrive, I began to pull out some of my favorite recipes that used maple syrup.  And, when they finally arrived, I couldn't wait to get into the kitchen and begin baking.  I first used the Crown Maple Light Amber Syrup, to make maple donuts with a sweet maple glaze.  Mmm, they were so tasty.  And, then this past weekend, my husband requested homemade french toast with warm maple syrup.  So, we used the Crown Maple Medium Amber Syrup for this, as I have found that the medium amber syrups work best with breakfast foods, including drizzling on sausages.  Are wondering what I did with the Crown Maple Dark Amber Syrup?  Well, I ended up baking fresh homemade bread, and used the maple syrup to make a nice and smooth maple butter to spread on the warm bread.  And, with the little bit that was left over, I used it the next day to sweeten my breakfast muffin.  Tasty, tasty, tasty!  So, as you can see, I had a great time sampling these syrups, as they provided me with an excuse to get into the kitchen and cook.  I can't wait to order some more, and do more baking during the winter months.  I just love the smell of maple syrup while it is baking.

You can't go wrong with giving maple syrup as a holiday gift. So, why not consider picking up a few bottles of pure maple syrup from Crown Maple Farm this holiday season?  And, be sure you buy a few for your family! 

More about Crown Maple Farm's Syrups and Their Flavors:

Crown Maple Dark Amber Organic Maple Syrup
Tasting Notes Sharing similar flavor and aroma character with our Medium Amber organic maple syrup, but with more weight, depth and concentration. The aromas of coffee and chocolate are present, along with flavors of brown sugar, and toasted almond.

Crown Maple Medium Amber Organic Maple Syrup
Tasting Notes Aromas bring to mind the sights and smells of late fall and early winter. Our Medium Amber organic maple syrup has aromas of gingerbread and roasted chestnut. Flavors of rye, toffee, freshly roasted and ground coffee.

Crown Maple Light Amber Organic Maple Syrup
Tasting Notes Aromas of popcorn and peanuts, flavors of roasted nuts, salted caramel, and brown butter. The body of our Light Amber organic maple syrup, although still light, has a pleasing weight and depth, with flavors and finish that linger.


You can buy Crown Maple Farm syrups directly from their website.  Click here to order a particular flavor (light, medium or dark), or pick up their sampler box, which contains all three.

About Crown Maple Farm:

Crown Maple Farm is the majestic home of Crown Maple Syrup, quite possibly the purest syrup on earth. Located in Dutchess County, N.Y., Crown Maple Farm is owned and sustainably managed by Robb and Lydia Turner and is part of Madava Estates, named for the Turner’s daughters, Maddie and Ava.

Crown Maple Farm is perfectly situated in the historic Hudson River Valley where its 800 acres of century-old sugar and red maples enjoy ideal soil and seasonal weather conditions to produce a superior sap for maple sugaring. It is also home to the most advanced maple syrup production facility in the country, the largest of its kind in the world. Crown Maple’s ‘sugarhouse’ is the place where the pristine sap collected from its sustainably managed maple groves meets the latest in green, organic production techniques to produce a distinct, pure maple syrup with superior flavor and exceptional quality.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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