Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feature Friday -- Thumbuddy to Love -- The Binky Fairy (Review)

This past Monday, I interviewed Andrea Van Ness, the owner of Thumbuddy to Love.  If you missed my interview with her, click here to read it now. Today, I wanted to share more information on her three products available, which will help wean your child off of their pacifier/binky and stop them from sucking their thumbs.  Through her kits seen below, Andrea provides a fun way to teach your child through an illustrated storybook and puppet that these habits can be broken.  And, both child and parent can track progress through a success chart. 

I was sent the Binky Fairy kit to review, and have to say I love the cute little kit.  My daughter began relying on her pacifier in the evenings and during car rides, so I expect to have to break this habit as she gets a little bit older.  And, now, with the help of this fun kit, it will make this sometimes stressful process easier and more enjoyable for both parent and child.  Just look at the Binky Fairy above.  What child wouldn't want to play with this puppet and read along storybook, while working to give up their binky?  

I showed this kit to a few of my mommy meet up members and they had wished they had known about this kit, or that this kit was available years ago, when they spent months tirelessly trying to break the pacifier and/or thumb sucking habits in their children.  But, now that they know about this product, they will definitely be talking with other moms who are in the process of breaking these habits, and also give a few as gifts to struggling moms, helping to make their lives and this process easier for everyone.

Hats off to you, Andrea for creating a product that is much needed by parents, and is welcomed with open arms by children!!!!


Head on over to the Thumbuddy to Love website and order either a thumb sucking or pacifier kit today for only $19.95.

More about the Thumbuddy to Love Products:

For Thumb Suckers- Thumbuddy to Love™ is a storybook and thumb puppet available in 2 different characters, Fireman Fred for boys and Ballerina Sue for girls. The storybook is read often by parents to teach children to stop sucking their thumbs or fingers. The thumb puppet is worn anytime, including bed time. Each book comes with a weekly success calendar and stickers. Thumbuddy to Love™ is meant for 3 to 6 year olds and we encourage you to introduce Thumbuddy at an early age to help stop thumb sucking. The packaging that it comes in can be re-used to put collectibles in such as crayons or coins.

For Pacifier Suckers- Thumbuddy To Love – The Binky Fairy is designed to help little pacifier suckers let go of their paci/binky without all the fuss. Each story book comes with a success chart and Binky Fairy puppet. The Binky Fairy is for ages 2-5. The Binky Fairy is for both boys and girls. Pediatricians and Dentists agree that prolonged pacifier sucking can affect the teeth and some pediatricians believe that prolonged pacifier use can lead to 50% increase in ear infections. Each product comes in re-usable packaging.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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