Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bumble, Remembering All the Little Stuff..and Everything in Between (Product Review)



Being a 2nd time mom to 2 1/2 week old Arabella, I am now prepared when it comes to documenting the first few months of her feeding and diaper changing routines, as well as naps, etc.  With our first daughter, nobody told us that the pediatrician would ask at each visit the number of wet and poopy diapers, along with the number of feedings and amount taken at each feeding.  And, with Savannah, she had pyloric stenosis, and lost weight during the first month of her life, and wasn’t keeping down her formula – until she has surgery to correct this condition at 4 weeks old.  After the surgery, it was pertinent to track her feedings and diaper changes for the doctors.  I found myself using scrap paper to note this info., and when it came time to transfer all this info. from the handful of scraps, I was always missing some dates.  What a headache is was to try and remember this information.  As a first-time mom, I was lucky if I remembered to brush at least twice a day and change my shirt with spit up on it before I left the house, never mind feedings and diaper changes from specific days.

So, I was more prepared with our 2nd daughter, and had the “My Bum Book” ready and waiting.

What is the “My Bum Book” you ask:


Designed by a real live mom, my bum book is a modern GREEN 2-month 24/7 journal and keepsake with debossed cover you can use to track your bum's daily feeds, diapers, wake time, sleep time and more.
With my bum book, you'll be able to clearly see when you last fed your bum, how many diapers your bum went through, how long and when your bum slept, as well as record those all-important (but easy to forget) firsts. the simple layout enables you to quickly see trends and patterns, allowing you to plan your day, get you and your bum on a schedule, and answer your pediatrician's detailed questions.
Most importantly: with my bum book, you don't have to remember . . . except of course, where you last left it.


This book is a lifesaver.  I am able to document all Arabella’s feedings and diaper changes, and can bring this book along with me to the pediatrician’s office.  And, it is so compact that it fits in the diaper bag, so I can bring it along with me when we travel, to keep up-to-date info. and not worry about forgetting to note feedings or changes or scramble for scrap paper to note this.  And, there is even space to document immunizations and growth info.


What a great gift this book would make for a new mom.  It really does make their lives so much easier, in regards to documenting feedings (formula and breastfeeding) and diaper changes (wet and poopy).  So, if you know an expectant or new mom who would benefit from this book, click here to order it now for only $19.95.  They will thank you for it!


Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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