Friday, November 18, 2011

HoneyBaked Serves Up the Bacon, along with More Delicious New Menu Items in Time for the Holidays




Bacon with signature spice rub and soft pretzel bread add new twist to family meals

HoneyBaked is bringing home the bacon for the holidays this year.  Yes, you read right, bacon lovers can serve up their time-honored HoneyBaked Hams, along with the newest Spiced Bacon ($5.99 for 24oz.) with the company’s signature spice rub and smoked over hardwood chips. The result is a carefully blended harmony of the bacon’s natural flavors and HoneyBaked’s special blend of honey sweetness and tangy spice.

Spiced Bacon is just one of a mouth-watering assortment of new products this season offered by HoneyBaked, known for its tender, handcrafted spiral sliced hams with signature sweet crunchy glaze that have become family traditions nationwide.

    “Bacon is an American breakfast staple that is ideal for lunch and making its way onto dinner tables as well,” said Kristi Bullock, HoneyBaked senior products manager. “As with our hams, we select only premium cuts of bacon and work our HoneyBaked magic to bring out the perfect balance of natural flavors. Think BLTs with turkey and Spiced Bacon, crunchy protein goodness on your salad, and a flavorful addition to entrees and holiday veggie casseroles.”

    Also new at HoneyBaked, but only available through the holidays, is a Ham with Spicy Cranberry sandwich (recommended $5.59) on HoneyBaked’s new Pretzel Bread. This new sandwich is perfect for lunch on the go or taking some time for yourself during the holiday rush, and the Pretzel Bread is available separately in both large (recommended $3.99 for six) and slider (recommended $4.99 for 14) rolls. These savory pretzel breads are soft on the inside with an unmistakable pretzel flavor on the outside that give any sandwich a unique twist.

    "For the holiday meal planner, we now offer breakfast and lunch options so you can easily pick up and plan for a variety of special meals over the long holiday weekend,” said Bullock.  “At HoneyBaked, we love being synonymous with America's most beloved ham, but we are also meal-time innovators by creating more reasons to gather for a special feast, lunch or catered event."

    Every HoneyBaked Ham ($48.95 for 6 lbs. half ham to $99.95 for 16 lbs. whole ham) is slow smoked for more than 20 hours over a unique blend of hardwood chips, which is key to producing that melt-in-your-mouth tenderness before it’s hand-finished with a sweet, crunchy glaze and spiral sliced for easy serving. The signature gold foil signifies that you have the renowned HoneyBaked Ham that will delight when it’s time to be presented to your guests and enjoyed by all.

The same signature glaze is used with the 2.5-pound HoneyBaked Turkey Breast ($25.95), available Oven-Roasted, Smoked or in select markets Cajun. It’s always moist and tender with HoneyBaked’s made-by-hand signature glaze and pre-sliced for effortless serving.

    Each of these items pairs well with HoneyBaked’s unique Orange Walnut Cranberries ($12.95 for 20 oz. container). Fresh, whole cranberries are naturally sweetened with light brown sugar and then blended with juicy oranges, crunchy walnuts, and a secret blend of spices. Served warm, this side dish adds a dash of sweetness to virtually any meal.

    To put the icing on your meal, serve up a Red Velvet Cake (10” cake for $17.99). This signature item features three moist and velvety layers of cake that are brought together by and topped with a delightful sweet cream cheese frosting, and garnished with luscious white chocolate shavings.

    For more information, to find the nearest HoneyBaked location near you, or to order online please visit

HoneyBaked ( is renowned for its slow-smoked, spiral-sliced HoneyBaked Hams and Turkey Breasts with signature sweet crunchy glaze, as well as a host of other entrees, side items and desserts. Since its founding in 1957, sharing and enjoying HoneyBaked premium foods has become a tradition for families nationwide who can now shop for them at more than 400 HoneyBaked locations and an online store. Whether its customers are marking holidays and special occasions or serving everyday meals, HoneyBaked helps families create life’s delicious moments.



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