Monday, October 24, 2011

Tradewinds Iced Tea - The Real Brewed Iced Tea (Product Review)

Tradewinds real brewed iced teas are made with high-quality tea leaves, real sugar and all natural ingredients. It’s iced tea made simply, just the way it should be.

Real Brewed Tea:

Tradewinds is devoted to giving you the highest quality iced tea possible, and it all starts with our traditional, real brewed process.

The secret to great tasting tea is in the leaf. That’s why we start with the finest tea leaves. We put the leaves in large tea bags and gently steep them in kettles. It’s the same process you use when making a cup of tea at home, and it allows the natural antioxidants to transfer into Tradewinds iced tea. After brewing, we add the finest flavors and all natural ingredients and bottle the tea fresh to capture its real brewed taste.

Just look at all the flavors available from the Tradewinds Iced Tea product line:

My Thoughts:

Tradewinds graciously sent me 4 bottles of their iced tea in order to try and provide an honest review.  I was sent Sweet Tea, Lemonade Tea, Unsweeted Tea and Green Tea with Honey.  I have to say that after sampling each, my favorite by far was the Green Tea with Honey.  You could taste the sweetness of the honey, while enjoying the smoothness of the Green Tea flavor, making for a tasty iced tea, that left me refreshed and wanting more.  A close second was the Lemonade Tea, which blends lemonade and ice tea together.  This makes for a truly unique flavor experience -- sweet and sour combined into one -- which is pleasing on the palette, and provides you with an overall cool and refreshing feeling.  I felt like I was still basking in the summer months when I was enjoying this delicious iced tea drink from Tradewinds.

If you are a fan of iced tea, like I am, you need to head to your local retailer and pick up one of my flavorful bottles of iced tea and try it for yourself.  I bet you will be a new fan, as I am.  Now, whenever I head to the market, I pick up Tradewinds to have on hand in the refrigerator.  And, whenever I want to feel like it is summer again, I crack open a bottle of Tradewinds Iced Tea and savor the refreshing taste, all while picturing myself on the beach or sitting under the warm sun.  And, with an average of 70-80 calories per 20 oz. bottle (depends on flavor), I don't feel guilty drinking a whole bottle of Tradewinds Iced Tea in one sitting.  You can really taste the natural ingredients and excellent selection of tea leaves that goes into every brewed bottle of Tradewinds Iced Tea, compared to other iced teas on the market, that just taste like sugar, and don't have a nicely brewed flavor.

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About Tradewinds:

Since its conception, Tradewinds® has been dedicated to providing real brewed iced tea beverages made with all-natural ingredients, high-quality tea leaves and real sugar. Some of the company's trademark flavors include Extra Sweet Tea, Sweet Tea and Unsweet Tea. Today Tradewinds® continues to develop refreshing beverages that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. For more information on Tradewinds® please visit

Disclosure:  I was sent samples by Tradewinds in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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