Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stay Warm This Winter with PeachFur Fleece (Product Review)

PeachFur's fleece blankets are warm and soft as they sound can be washed over and over with limited fade. And unlike wool, our fleece doesn't itch!

Because of fleece's compressible, warm and lightweight characteristics, outdoor enthusiasts and coach potato's alike have made it the thick fleece blanket of choice. Whether it's in front of a campfire or your television, PeachFur™ keeps you cozy and warm. All products are anti pill, hypo- allergenic, machine washable, water resistant and fire retardant.
PeachFur Fleece blankets are available in our fleece blanket prints, cow fleece blankets, leopard fleece blankets, zebra fleece blankets, tie dye fleece blankets, and much more.

Specialty Print Blanket - 60” x 72” --  $55.00

Solid Color Blanket - 60” x 72” -- $40.00

Retail Baby Blankets -  30" x 40" -- $25.00

I was sent a sampling of fleece blankets from PeachFur Fleece to feel and try out for myself.  Upon arrival, I took out each blanket and looked them over for quality and feel.  I couldn't believe how soft each of the fleece blankets were, and that they were manufactured well.  There was no pilling or loose threads, like you see in many fleece blankets on the market.  

I handed one to my daughter to play with.  She kept rubbing the fleece blanket against her face and smiling. I knew then that these fleece blankets had passed the test.  Because, if she didn't like them, she would have thrown the blanket on the floor and walked away.  Instead, Savannah spent the afternoon and evening carrying around the cow print fleece blanket wherever she went.  She even laid down for the night with her new fleece blanket to sleep.

I used another fleece blanket sample with our 3 rescue dogs, who ended up fighting over who got more space on the soft and warm fleece blanket.  Usually, I end up using old blankets to not only keep the couch from getting dog hair all over it, but also to keep our dogs warm on cold New England nights, and it makes the couch look dull or old.  But, with the lovely black fleece blanket, I was able to cover and protect the couch, while not skimping on style when it came to covering the couch.  

Overall, the 3 samples I was sent were tried out by each member of our family, and we couldn't be happier with the overall feel and durability of these fleece blankets.  If you are looking for the perfect fleece blanket to get for snuggling this winter, or are in need of the perfect baby blanket for a baby shower gift, why not head on over to the PeachFur Fleece website and check out their offerings today.  You, too, will be impressed with the quality and durability of these fleece blankets.

In addition to retail sales, PeachFur Fleece also offers wholesale fleece blankets, which is great for this upcoming holiday season.  If you are a mom entrepreneur looking for a unique way to spread the word about your company, why not do it with a custom fleece blankets.  You will definitely stand out from the crowd.

About PeachFur Fleece's Give Back Program: 

PeachFur™ Gives Back, Blanket Donation

PeachFur Fleece does more than just sell corporate apparel to successful companies worldwide. As a matter of principal, we strongly believe in giving back. Since inception, PeachFur has provided people in need with quality clothing, blankets and other items. While we give primarily to US based charities, PeachFur contributions extend as far away as Africa, Afghanistan, and South America. We’re proud to support an array of organizations including churches, orphanages, veterans groups and hurricane survivors. 

Founder and owner Jason Moore created the “PeachFur Gives Back” program after visiting the tsunami-impacted area of Indonesia. 

"Witnessing first-hand, the calamity and suffering that a natural disaster in a third world country can create, I realized we had to do something, no matter how small it may seem. Something as simple as a blanket can provide immediate life sustaining assistance and comfort to an individual or family."

To learn more about this charitable program, click here.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from PeachFur Fleece in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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