Monday, October 10, 2011

Product Review: The Zip 'n Hang -- "The World's First Adjustable Over-The-Door Hook That Won't Damage Your Doors"

I was sent a Zip 'n Hang last week to try out and share with my readers.  If you haven't seen or heard about the Zip 'n Hang, here is more information about this amazing invention and its many uses, as well as my own personal review of the product, after trying it out in my home.

How to Use the Zip 'n Hang:

Look at the Many Uses of the Zip 'n Hang:

My Thoughts:

I tried the Zip 'n Hang on the wood doors in my home and was surprised that it actually worked.  I ended up putting up a Fall wreath on the front door and couldn't believe how easy it was to set up.  In seconds, the wreath was up and stayed up, even after people came and went, and at times slammed the door.  I always shied away from hanging decorations on the front door, as it was a decorative wood door and I didn't want to make holes with nails or push pins just to hang a decoration for a short time.  Now, I don't have to worry about this.  I can't wait until Christmas comes and I can hang a wreath on the door and know it will stay up, even if snow gets on it.  What a great invention!  If you love hanging things on your front doors, but don't like making unnecessary holes, then you need a Zip 'n Hang for yourself.  

And, it doesn't stop there.  You can also use the Zip 'n Hang in bathrooms, bedrooms -- practically anywhere you need to hang an item from a door.  Prior to hanging my Fall wreath from the front door, I tried the Zip 'n Hang in my bathroom and in my daughter's room.  The Zip 'n Hang is great to hold bathroom towels, bathrobes and children's tubs on the back of doors.  I especially loved how I was able to hang my daughter's tub up when it wasn't in use, and hanging from the back of the door, it was out of site and off the floor.

The possibilities for the Zip 'n Hang are endless.  How would you use this over-the-door hook in your home?  

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With the holidays right around the corner, you don't want to be without your own Zip 'n Hang for hanging wreaths and other decorations on the door.  Click here to order online for only $12.99.  And, as a bonus to Inspired by Savannah readers, be sure to use coupon code "Inspired" at checkout to receive 10% off your total order.  Act now, as this code is only valid until October 23rd.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from ZipnHang in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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