Thursday, September 29, 2011

Product Review -- Tooth Soap, The All-Natural Alternative to Toothpaste!

 Feel a cleaner difference after the very first brushing with Tooth Soap®!

Tooth Soap® is the world's leading non-toxic, all natural and organic alternative to
toothpaste and is manufactured in the USA in a gluten free and kosher facility.

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom to Savannah, and mom entrepreneur, I was a health educator and taught classes and attended health fairs at businesses and schools, where dental hygiene was always a popular topic.  So, when I found out there was a product on the market called Tooth Soap, it sparked my curiosity.  I wondered how it tasted?  Was it really soap?  What makes this so different from other toothpastes and whiteners?  Etc.....Etc...

What drew me to this products besides curiosity was that it was made with pure and wholesome ingredients -- So, no synthetic chemicals here.  I was sent samples of their Tooth Brightener and Tooth Gel, and  spent the past week trying them out.  At first, I tried to enlist my husband as a product tester, but he just looked at me when I said Tooth Soap and showed him the bottles.  That meant that he would pass on this opportunity, so it just left me to wonder and try it out for myself. 

I was amazed that after the first use, my teeth felt cleaner than if I had used my other toothpaste.  I had that tingling and clean feeling that you get after you visit the dentist.  And, then that night I felt the clean feeling after using Tooth Soap. As the week progressed, I noticed my teeth felt stronger, looked whiter and my gums looked healthier.  Eventually, my husband came around and tried it for himself, after I repeated told him how great Tooth Soap was.  He agreed, and said his teeth and gums felt great and that he doesn't get the same reaction with his other leading toothpaste brands he uses.  So, Tooth Soap, you now have 2 new fans of your product line.  Thank you, Karen Van Cleef, the Founder and CEO of Tooth Soap, Inc. for coming up with an ingenious product.  I will definitely be bragging about your products with family and friends.

So, if dental hygiene is important to you, like it should be, and you only want to use healthy products, that don't include harsh chemicals, for your family, why not check out the products available from Tooth Soap today.

---BUY NOW---
Head on over to the Tooth Soap website to order online.  Currently, they are offering a special where if you use promo code "WOMEN" at checkout, you will receive a Buy One Tooth Soap® Get One Tooth Soap® FREE –– Any Flavor, Any Type offer!

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from Tooth Soap in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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