Thursday, September 8, 2011

Product Review: Lotus Bèbè Soy and Bamboo Blankets for Baby

Growing up I remember having my favorite security blanket.  It was knitted by my great grandmother and provided me with so much comfort.  I have photos of me carrying it around everywhere I went.  Did you have a security blanket or favorite blanket growing up?  

Now that I have a daughter of my own, I was just waiting to see which blanket Savannah took a liking to.  At first, I thought it would not happen until she was 2-3 yrs. old, as this was the time I started carrying around my blanket.  But, to my surprise, Savannah has found her blanket at 13 months old.  After receiving a sample bamboo blanket from Lotus Bèbè in the mail, I handed the blanket off to Savannah to feel.  She quickly grabbed the blanket and began to rub the soft bamboo material on her cheek.  Then, she played with the satin trim.  And, within minutes she took a liking to the blanket.  Now, wherever Savannah goes, her Lotus Bebe bamboo blanket is in toe.  We take the blanket with us on car rides, use it in her stroller and she even sleeps with it.  It is amazing how one little blanket can provide so much comfort to her.  It is so cute to see her walking around with the blanket and cuddling it when she sleeps.  

Here are just a couple photos of Savannah and her bamboo Lotus Bèbè blanket:

And, with another baby on the way, I will definitely be buying another blanket for her.  This time I am thinking about trying the soy blanket Lotus Bèbè offers.  Just look how soft this blanket looks.

You are probably asking yourself how durable these blankets are, seeing that they cost $40 for the bamboo and $80.00 for the soy blanket.  I have washed Savannah's blanket a handful of times so far, as she is always carrying it around and getting it dirty, and it has kept its shape and softness.  Actually, to me it feels like it is getting softer with each wash.  You simply wash the blanket in cold water on the gentle setting, and then line dry.  It is that easy.

I am so happy that I stumbled upon Lotus Bèbè and their baby blankets.  Savannah's bamboo blanket will definitely be a keepsake that we will pack away and share with her when she gets older.  Who knows?  Maybe she will pass it down to her children when the time comes.  All I know is that is too cute to see her with her blanket.  Thanks, Lotus Bèbe!


This is a must have item for any new mom and makes the perfect baby shower gift.  And, for a limited time, Inspired by Savannah readers can use coupon code "FALL11" to receive 50% off their orders at checkout.  So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Lotus Bèbè today to place your order.  And,with the holidays and winter months around the corner, these blankets would make great gifts to help keep baby warm.

Product Offerings Available and Pricing:

Soy Luxury Blanket -- $80.00
42" x 31"
It's not just for babies, perfect for using as a throw or just for snuggling. Our plush and beautiful soy luxury blanket comes in a natural gold color with a soy silk box pleated edge.
Edging available in : Brown and pink

Bamboo Blanket -- $40.0030"x 30"
Luxurious and ultra soft bamboo blanket with a 100% silk brown chocolate edging. This blanket feels like cashmere, with a beautiful natural sheen, perfect for snuggling little ones!
Petite Blankie -- $20.00
15.5" x 15.5"
Darling petite blankies for your little one on the go. A smaller version of our blanket using the same ultra soft bamboo and 100% silk brown chocolate edging.

All available in: pink, blue, and green all with chocolate silk edging.

About Lotus Bèbè :

Lotus Bèbè was created in Southern California in 2008, out of a need for stylish baby accessories that were also environmentally friendly.

We discovered the unique properties of bamboo and soybean fabrics and started looking for items made with either. Trying to find items made from bamboo and soybean was challenging, because no one was carrying these items. So the idea of Lotus Bèbè was started. Our product line was launched with hip mommas and papas in mind, who want to give their children something natural, eco-friendly but at the same time luxurious.

At Lotus Bèbè. our mission is to be eco-conscious in our business practices. By recycling office paperwaste and packaging supplies, distributing documents as much as possible via electronic format, along with using energy efficient light bulbs, we are doing our part to keep our planet green and save our valuable resources.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone. 

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