Saturday, September 24, 2011

Product Review: Baby Gourmet Organic Baby Food Pouches

I recently had the opportunity to try samples from the Baby Gourmet organic baby food line.  I am always looking for organic and healthy baby foods to give my daughter, Savannah, and just had to try out Baby Gourmet for myself.  Friends have bragged about how great these pouches are, so I had to try them for myself and see what Savannah thought.  Even though we are slowly moving to more solids foods, we are still feeding Stage 3 and Stage 4 baby foods.  And, when we go out on the weekends, it is always easier to through pouches like these into the diaper bag and feed Savannah in the car or at restaurants.  It is so much easier to pack these pouches, than try to package glass jars.  I always worry that the diaper bag will fall and break the jars, or the jars will break somehow, so we only travel with pouched baby foods.  

All of our products have:
  • 100% Organic Ingredients
  • No Thickeners or Fillers
  • No Added Sugar or Salt
  • BPA Free Re-sealable Packaging

I was sent the following 3 flavors, one from each stage of the Baby Gourmet line.  I included the back of each pouch so you can see for yourself how healthy and organic this baby food really is.  

And, here is Savannah after enjoying one of her Baby Gourmet samples for lunch:

I have to say, usually it is hard to get Savannah to finish a complete pouch of food, but she couldn't stop eating this brand of baby food.  Her favorite was the Tropical Banana Bliss pouch.  I even tasted each flavor just to see if the food was bland, like many other so-called organic baby foods, and have to say they tasted good.  They actually tasted like the flavors stated on each pouch.  

Even though we only tried 3 flavors from the Baby Gourmet product line, there are over a dozen flavors available.  Click here to see the complete Baby Gourmet line of products. So, if you have a baby 6 months or older at home an are looking to offer them healthy baby food, why not check out the Baby Gourmet organic baby food line.  We have finally found a baby food that I feel comfortable feeding Savannah and that Savannah loves.  Baby Gourmet will be a fixture in our home for baby #2 on the way for sure!

We have plans this weekend to head to WalMart to pick up some of the other flavors and see what Savannah thinks.  And, with a weekend full of apple and pumpkin picking, as well as Fall festivals, these pouches will come in handy on the go.  Thanks Baby Gourmet for letting us try out your organic baby food -- you have new fans.  I will definitely be telling my other mommy friends about Baby Gourmet when it comes time to introduce their children to purees and more.

---BUY NOW---

Baby Gourmet is available both in the United States and Canada.  Click here to check the store locator for a store near you that sells Baby Gourmet. 

About the Creators of Baby Gourmet: 

As busy moms, we are determined not to compromise nutrition for convenience. We grew up with and love wholesome, flavorful food and think our babies deserve the same. Why feed them something we wouldn't eat ourselves? With the lack of tasty choices available on the market, we began to rely on family recipes and started to cook for our babies ourselves. Baby Gourmet was born.

We select only the freshest, organic ingredients for all of our recipes. Our philosophy is to provide healthy and delicious choices for parents, while introducing our babies to additive free, natural foods that they love to eat! It is our belief that nurturing a baby's taste buds early in life, leads to lifelong, healthy eating habits as they grow.

Only the very best for your baby.



Jennifer Broe, Jill Vos

Disclosure:  I was sent sample Baby Gourmet pouches in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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