Friday, September 30, 2011

Feature Friday -- Little Miss Creations -- Autumn Apple Pie Gel Candle Review

As many of you know, I like to hunt down handmade products, including soaps and candles, and especially love it when the creator is another mom.  Well, today I wanted to share Little Miss Creations with you, which is run by Holly, a single mother of 2.  She creates her wonderful product line, which consists of candles (soy, gel and pillar), bar soaps, body scrubs, bath salts and hand and body lotions, with the help of her children.  She cherishes this time together with them, as she is also a full-time student, so finding quality time as a family is limited.  Together, they can enjoy a hobby that they fell in love with a few years ago, all while providing customers like you and I with exceptional handmade goods.  Every item in Holly's online store would make a great gift for a family member or friend, or why not treat yourself to lovely smelling candle or pamper yourself with some of her bath products.  

I had the opportunity to try out her 4 oz. Autumn Apple Pie candle (which retails for only $4.25) over the weekend and have been loving the fresh apple scent it has left behind.  Shortly after burning this gel candle for an hour, my husband came home from the local park with our daughter, and thought that I had baked an apple pie with the apples we had picked the day before.  Boy was he devastated when he realized it was just a candle.  Since then, I ended up baking a pie to satisfy his (and my) sweet tooth, and have continued to burn this gel candle each day.  I can't get over how long the candle life is on a gel candle compared to wax and other candles.  And, each and every time I burn the candle, it still lets off the sweet smelling aroma of a fresh baked apple pie.  I wish there was a scratch and sniff widget that I could add to this post so you could see how wonderful this candle actually smells.  But, no one has invented such technology yet, so you just have to head on over to Little Miss Creations today and pick up this or another scented candle today to smell for yourself.


Click here to access Holly's, Little Miss Creations online store and begin shopping for her handmade goods today.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from Little Miss Creations in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


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