Monday, September 26, 2011

Children's Book Review: When the World Was Waiting For You by Gillian Shields

Pub Date: March 2011
Dimensions: 250x250mm
32 pages
Illustrations: Colour


‘When the world,
Was waiting for you,
The air was bright.
The sun seemed new.’

 A family of rabbits prepares for the much-anticipated arrival of a new baby by decorating the nursery and buying gifts. When all the waiting is finally over and the newborn comes into the world, they delight in meeting the baby for the very first time.

Full of tender moments to share and cherish, the lyrical words and exquisite illustrations make this a book to treasure.

This celebration of new life will allow for tender bedtime cuddles everywhere as the book relishes the shared family pleasure of a new baby.

This perfect first picture book will allow children to either think about their own arrival into the world or prepare them for the arrival of a new sibling, as the words and pictures combine to create a world at peace with itself.

My Thoughts:

With another baby on the way in early November, my husband and I have been preparing our daughter, Savannah, for the new arrival through books at bedtime.  When the World Was Waiting for You is one of our favorites to read to her, as we can spin the book to describe how we were waiting for her arrival last year, and now how we are waiting for the arrival of her little sister.  Even though Savannah is too young to understand what is going on, or that she will be a big sister soon, it is always nice to have a book on hand to read to your child about a new addition.  I especially loved the beautiful watercolor illustrations of a rabbit family waiting for their new bunny to arrive, that tied this heartfelt story together.

Overall, this is the perfect picture book to share with your young children if you are expecting another baby soon.  It will help prepare them for this new arrival, and make for the transition of this life-changing event easier to handle.  So, if you are expecting and have young children at home and want to prepare them for this new arrival, why not check out When the World Was Waiting For You today.  This makes the perfect baby shower gift for repeat parents and new parents alike.  Mothers will feel a deep connection to this heartfelt story that tells of the unexplained love one feels for their newborn as they wait for their arrival, and then upon their arrival, how much love a mother feels for this new life.  A truly touching story that will be enjoyed by the entire family!

About the Author:

Gillian Shields is the author of several picture books for children including Ben and Gran and the Whole, Wide, Wonderful World illustrated by Katherine McEwen and published by Macmillan in 2004 and The Starlight Baby illustrated by Elizabeth Harbour and the Mermaid S.O.S series.

When the World is Ready for Bed, published by Bloomsbury in September 2009,  as a boardback in August 2010 and as a paperback in July 2011, is an irresistible bedtime read for any family happy to end the day with a good story

When the World Was Waiting for You, published by Bloomsbury in March 2011, as a boardbook in March 2012, is the perfect companion to When the World is Ready for Bed. A padded cover, beautiful art and lyrical text combine to create the perfect picture book

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I agree, it's such a lovely book. So full of tenderness and warmth.