Friday, June 3, 2011

Fandangling -- Turn Any Fan Into a Cute Mobile in Seconds (Product Review)

Quick and Safe Setup and Operation
  • Easily Attaches to Any Ceiling Fan in Minutes
  • Set Your Fan to Low Speed and You're Ready to Go
  • Lightweight and Soft and Child Safe
  • Does Not Interfere with Normal Fan Use

I had the opportunity to try out the Safari kit in our daughter's nursery.  The animals went perfectly with her jungle-themed room.  Just look at the jungle animals in this kit:

What a novel idea this was!  As some of you know, we have been trying to break our daughter's co-sleeping habit and introduce her to her room and own crib.  It has been hard, and we have been trying to find things to put in her room that she could look at and help ease the transition.  It only took minutes to add the safari animals to the ceiling fan paddles.  Savannah watched intently as her dad added the animals, and began smiling and laughing when he turned the fan on low speed.  We couldn't believe how much these animals dressed up the room.  And, best of all, the Fandangling kit seemed to catch Savannah attention.  She sat and watched the animal mobile.  Even though it didn't help to put her to sleep, it calmed her down a bit -- which is a big improvement from her fussing and crying.  Slowly but surely, she is beginning to get used to her room, and continues to love watching and looking at these jungle animals.  When playing together in her nursery, I can't help but notice her attention is turned to the fan and Fandangling animals.

If you are looking to dress up your child's ceiling fan or create an instant mobile, you must check out the Fandangling website today.  They offer a wide array of kits including flutterflies, sports, underwater adventure-blue, Christmas Cheer, Drama Queen, Flying High and Jammin Music.  Or, you can choose between all of their plush pieces and create your own custom kit to fit your child's room theme or likes.  How great is that?!  As you can see, these Fandangling kits can be used in pre-teen and teenagers room -- they are not just for young children!!!!

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Head on over to Fandangling to check out the assortment of kits they offer for only $19.99 each.

More About Fandangling and the Inventor:

I invented Fandangling quite by accident. It all started with our daughter Lia. When she was born we were seeking ways to keep her happy and interested in her room. When I put the first Fandangling on the fan in her room, her eyes lit up and the rest, as they say, is history.

I quickly realized that Fandangling was great for babies – my Mom friends all love it. As Lia grew older and more people came in contact with Fandangling, it became clear that Fandangling wasn't just for babies.
Fandangling is surely the next generation mobile, but older kids love it as well. Our friend's 7 year old daughter loves puppies. The Puparazzi kit was a favorite gift and the perfect accent to her room. Whether her fan is on or off, Fandangling livens up her room and is an eye catching part of the decor. Little boys love it too. Whether they like bugs or sports, adding a Fandangling to their room is fun and cool.

Fandangling has become a wonderful toy – it is for kids of all ages and even adults. Whether you are looking to soothe or just make an unmistakable statement in a room, Fandangling is the answer.

— Anne

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