Thursday, June 2, 2011

Children's Book Review: Nanna's Carrots and The Incredible Edible Alphabet both by Aunty Rozzy


Let's go on a fabulous ride through an incredibly edible alphabet. Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit, meet up with some exciting old and new friends as they explore the letters of the alphabet.

They meet up with the monkeys and hamsters from "Nanna's Carrots" and you can check out their magnificent mangoes and great grapes.

How about meeting the hippopotamus and see how he loves his hip honeydew.

Read on further and you'll find the tyrannosaurus rex - can you guess what he likes best?
Did you know that ugli fruit is a real fruit? It's Unbelievable!!

Wizards... kangaroos.. elephants... fish... cats... sheep... Perry... Harriette... Nanna... Aunty Rozzy...they're all there having an absolutely incredibly edible time!

Come on in... don't miss out on any of the fun!

My Review:

Looking for a fun way to teach your child to eat and love their vegetables?  Then, you have to pick up Aunty Rozzy's catchy book, "The Incredible Edible Alphabet."  Included with the book is a CD that contains an audio book of the story, as well as a catchy song that you and your child will enjoy singing together.  Through her lovable characters and beautifully illustrations and the use of real photos of vegetables, both you and your child will enjoy learning about the some vegetables that you serve at dinner, and even some you may never have heard of or tried.  This will make your next trip to the supermarket a treat, as you can point out vegetables from the book, and bring some new ones home to try.

This is such a great book to teach about healthy eating and making proper food choices.

About the Author:

Born in Sydney, Australia, Ros Tesoriero has been a passionate musician and educator on both a professional and personal level since 1987. A student at the NSW State Conservatorium of Music, Ros majored in classical piano and music education and then continued her musical development in NYC studying jazz improvisation. This experience marked an extraordinary moment in her career as she arranged and composed with world-renowned jazz concert artist and music educator, Dave Frank.

Over the last 20 years Tesoriero's career has evolved including various disciplines ranging from music theatre, solo pianist, vocalist and entertaining in a variety of musical styles and collaborative ensembles.

While music is a particular passion for Tesoriero, she is also enthusiastic about passing on knowledge. She has enjoyed working as a music educator where she has taught a broad selection of age groups ranging from infants all the way through to secondary school elective music levels. Tesoriero now resides in Melbourne.
It was a family dinner that changed Tesoriero's career and the defining moment was when her nephew Charlie, declared he did not like carrots. Tesoriero wanted to encourage Charlie to eat the orange vegetable and called them "Nanna's carrots" and gave them a personality, which inferred to Charlie that carrots were better coming from Nanna. In theory this seemed a simple concept and in practice Tesoriero realised it could be applied to all foods and in turn may have a considerable effect on how children learn about healthy food. Greatly concerned with childhood obesity becoming a national epidemic in Australia, the United States and the UK, Tesoriero set out to create a happy positive experience for children. She started writing the Aunty Rozzy® series of books and accompanying music to encourage children to read, sing, dance and socialise all the while educating young ones about healthy eating with a long term impact in mind.

"Music connects with people in so many ways. It can address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of people of all ages. Happy music makes people happy and I believe happy music with a healthy message can evoke a positive feeling towards healthy eating," says Tesoriero.

"It's pretty cool to have a positive impact on those difficult moments parents have with kids, to help parents find a fun way to get kids to eat their veggies."

"Children are naturally active and learn best by doing. Their ears develop before their eyes. Because kids love singing and dancing, the book - CD sets are a great way to approach healthy eating."
She adds, "Singing also aids in language and reading skills while nurturing an appreciation of the arts."


It's in "Nanna's Carrots" that we all meet Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit for the first time.
Perry the Parrot loves to fly around and visit all sorts of places and he just loves Nanna's Carrots. When he finds himself in Paris, he doesn't like their carrots, so he flies home for Nanna's Carrots.

Relieved to be back home where he can munch on Nanna's Carrots at any time, Perry is so excited that he just can't stop singing about "Nanna's Carrots". Before you know it, everywhere that Harriette goes, everybody is singing and eating "Nanna's Carrots"! It all becomes too much for her that she has to hop in to her chariot and go in search of Nanna's Carrots for herself!

In her search for Nanna's Carrots, Harriette finds out that Nanna's Carrots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and that they are actually a very versatile vegetable. She is amazed at how many ways she can enjoy Nanna's Carrots!

My Review:

Here is another book by Aunty Rozzy that is sure to get your child excited about vegetables, especially carrots.  Again, through rhyming verse and cute illustrations of her playful characters, you and your child will enjoy learning about "Nanna's Carrots" and all the ways they can be eaten, as well as the different shapes and sizes they come in.  With the summer here and families getting ready to start their gardens, why not get in the mood by reading this book together.  Just make sure you don't read it on an empty stomach!!!

And, like the other book in this series, this book also comes with a CD with an audio version of the book and cute song to sing along to.

***Don't forget to check out Aunty Rozzy's website for more fun and games for the entire family!***

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of these books by the publisher in order to write up honest reviews.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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