Friday, April 22, 2011

Cuddletunes Personalized Bear (Review)

Have you seen or heard about the Cuddletunes bears?  If not, you are missing out.  Last week, Savannah got her very own personalized Cuddletunes bear in the mail.  As soon as I took it out of the box, she began grabbing for it and playing with it.  And, once I turned the bear on and she heard her name in the songs, she couldn't stop smiling.  Yes, you heard it right.  These bears are programmed to sing songs with your child's name.  In addition to professional sung songs, you can also add your songs, readings of your child's favorite book, or just leave a personalized message for them with you voice.   All this can be done through the Cuddletunes website, and is so easy to do.  Once you have recorded your personalized content, you simply use the cable attached to the bear's built-in MP3 player to your computer, and in seconds/minutes (depending on your computer's speed), your child's bear is ready to entertain them with the new content from you.  How cool is this?  The bear will never go out of style, and as your child gets older and begins to like other songs or stories, you simply log back onto the Cuddletunes website and add more content to download to your bear. 

This is a great gift for children whose parents are in the military, work the evening shift and can't put their child to bed, or a gift from grandparents who live far away.  Children will be comforted with familiar voices and never want to put the bear down.

I was surprised at how well made the Cuddletunes bear was.  Even with an MP3 player and cables, you can't feel them when squeezing the bear.  And, it is easy to operate the bear.  You simply press the on/play button on the bear's foot for a few seconds and a red light flashes where the bear's heart would be.  This lets you know that the power is on.  Then, you can forward or rewind through the playlist that is pre-loaded on the bear.  There is also a stop button, if you want to stop the music at any time.  And, when you are ready to turn the power off, you simply press the play/stop button on the foot again and the red light flashes and then shuts off.  I loved having the red light flashing, as it let me know a few times that I forget to power off the bear.

Savannah has found her new lullaby bear and sleeps with it every night.  As soon as I turn the music on, she lays down and cuddles with the bear, before drifting off to sleep.  What more can a parent ask for?  I have to say the songs that are sung are not bad at all.   I have purchased other lullaby and baby CDs for Savannah and I to listen to, but had to shut them off as they were annoying or inappropriate for her age.  Not the Cuddletunes pre-loaded soundtrack.  I have found myself singing along to these songs and even feeling more relaxed while laying with Savannah or rocking her sleep.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your little one, why not consider buying them a Cuddletunes bear?  Like I said, it will grow with them and you can change up the songs as you wish, so it will always feel "new" to your children.  It is not your average plush bear -- it is so much more!!!!

---BUY NOW---

Head on over to the Cuddletunes website to begin the personalization process.  You start by choosing the color ribbon on the bear -- pink, blue or yellow.  And, then you move to to adding the music with your child's name.  Again, this website does a wonderful job in walking you through the process, so you will not get stressed out trying to place your order.  Bears cost $59.95, but like I said earlier, you can continue to update the bear's soundtrack with songs, messages and stories, so it will be a gift that will grow with your child and remain "new" to them.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample bear from Cuddletunes in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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