Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Children's Book Review: You're Special Wherever You Are by Kita Szpak

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(Recommended for 4 years of age and up)

No one can believe that Catalina would keep an old,dirty carpet she got from her very old grandmother.  Charlie Zee would rather be anything else than black and white.  And Alex has the biggest surprise of all when he opens his mouth to breathe fire...

These three stories are about a camel, zebra and dragon who are all a little different.  They show us how important it is to be yourself no matter what the situation may be.

"You're Special Wherever You Are" is a book both children and adults will enjoy time after time.

"Little stories of inspiration that carry a gentle message for those who read them and those who listen to them."

My Review:

I loved the moral this book shares with children -- you are special, no matter how or what you look like.  The book is broken down into three stories about a zebra, camel and dragon.  My favorite story out of the three was about the Charlie Zee.  At first he didn't know why he was black and white and didn't like how he stuck out when playing hide and seek, but in the end he learned he was black and white striped because it protected his skin from the heat and sun of the Serengeti.  And, in the end, through his courage and kindness he saved the day and his friend's lives by helping lead them to taller grass, where they would be protected from the heat and dry spell.  If it wasn't for Charlie Zee and his stripes, his friend's would not have survived the heat of the Serengeti.

The other two stories were cute, but I especially loved the illustrations in the Charlie Zee story, and have a love of zebras.  I can't wait until Savannah is a little older and can understand the moral of the stories.  With so much pressure put on children and teens today to look a certain way, it is nice to see a book that celebrates them for who they are and by being unique, they are truly special.  

About the Author:

Kita Szpak is a writer, publicist, communications strategist, and speaker whose professional reputation has been built on “positioning clients for excellence” since she opened her consulting business in 1992.  Armed with honors degrees in German and Education from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada as well as business management certification from the Queen’s School of Business, Kita cross-pollinates sound business principals with marketing savvy.  She has spent over ten years working with prominent Canadian artists, musicians and writers such as Robert Farrell, Maria Knapik, Firdaus Kharas, and Elisabeth Harvor.

Last October, Kita published her first children’s book, “You’re Special Wherever You Are” (  Last April, Kita also accomplished another first by running the Big Sur International Marathon in California.  She released her second book, “Tipping Point to Happiness”, with business partner, Monique MacKinnon this past August.  They presented at the Women on the Verge of Evolution Summit and Convocation in Las Vegas in September, 2010.
Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of this book in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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