Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Zylie the Bear -- The Perfect Gift for Bear Lovers

Who is Zylie the Bear?:

Zylie was designed and created for children who enjoy the doll experience of dress-up, but prefer to play with stuffed toys. Zylie is a plush 18 inch bear who wears fashionable clothes, but she is also cute and cuddly like a traditional teddy bear.

She comes complete with her signature outfit, accessories, and the first book in her adventure series!
  • 18" jointed bear with fashionable clothes and accessories
  • Comes with signature flounce top, skinny jeans and white coat
  • Kit also includes Zylie orange tote, complete with her map, diary and passport
  • First book in the Zylie adventure series included!
  • Suitable for children ages 6+ 
  • Zylie's outfits is designed by esteemed fashion designer, Katie Fong.


I was excited to learn about Zylie the bear and find out that is was created by another Connecticut mom entrepreneur, Mary Beth Minton, and her son Matt.  

When I received the bear in the mail, I was so impressed with the packaging alone.  Zylie the bear came in a nice white box (see above).  But, I was eager to open the box and see the bear inside.  I fell in love with Zylie's outfit.  Just look at the detailed work that went into creating this beautiful bear:

Even though Savannah is too young to play with Zylie the bear, I know that when she gets older this will be one of her favorite dress up dolls.  I love the concept of the storybooks that share Zylie's many adventures.  It is so nice to see another mom entrepreneur create a product that not only is fun and entertaining to play with, but can also be educational at the same time.  

In addition to Zylie the bear, you can also purchase Shen the panda.

Shen would make the perfect gift for that little man in your life.  Who says boys can't play with dolls.  He is so cool with his backpack, drum sticks and leather jacket.  And, he too, comes with a passport and storybook.

As for dress up, designer Katie Fong created these additional fashion pieces to purchase and switch up your doll's attire:

Overall, these are well-made dolls, and much more appealing that bears that you can make in the malls or buy from VT.  They would make great collective bears or perfect for handing down through the family. 

---BUY NOW---

If you are a bear lover or have a child who is, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the online store and pick up Zylie the Bear or Shen the Panda today for only $75.00.

About the Creators of Zylie the Bear:

Zylie is the toy I wish I could have had for my daughter when she was young. Sarah only liked playing with stuffed animals, but would see her sister Kate's doll clothes and want to dress up her teddy bear. So she'd stuff the bear into the doll clothes, and it all ended up looking ridiculous. I wondered then why there wasn't a toy that was cuddly like a teddy bear, but could be dressed and played with like a doll.

And from that idea Zylie was born. My son Matt and I have gone about creating a world of fun and adventure around Zylie, with a series of fun children's books that follow Zylie on her global travels, several fashionable new outfits for the bears, new friends like Shen the Panda, and most importantly, a strong role model for kids in the characters we create. 

I hope that we have created the best possible play experience for the child in your life, but that process is never quite finished. With your help, we will always be improving our products, and we encourage you to reach out and lend a hand. Email your suggestions to [email protected]. Its been quite a journey so far, and we can't wait to see what's in store for us down the road! Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Beth Minton, Founder and CEO

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Disclosure:  I was given a Zylie Bear in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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