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Lessons from Stanley the Cat by Jennifer Freed -- Book Review

  • Paperback: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Perigee Trade (October 5, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0399536159
  • ISBN-13: 978-0399536151 
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If you meet the Buddha on the road…….Pet him!


Seduction is just the practice of artful stretching.  Never let people know how fast you are. Appear slow in all things, and less is expected of you. When someone is on the computer too long, help them by distracting them, or walk lightly on their keyboard.
Sometimes even the best days just wear you out…

So advises Stanley, a remarkably astute cat with a keen eye for the important things in life. Perhaps you don't have time for yoga, can't afford therapy, or wouldn't dare cry to mother. If so, let Stanley be your guide.
Lessons from Stanley the Cat offers wise and witty maxims from Stanley himself, translated by his doting psychotherapist (human) parent, Jennifer Freed. Whether you're a cat lover or prefer companions of the canine variety, Stanley's warmth and insight are sure to brighten even the grayest days. 

About Stanley:

Sometimes our teachers come in different outfits than we imagined. When you come across an enlightened being it is best to drop judgements, and receive the lessons that you can. Stanley, through his remarkable life and his evolved death, shared his wisdom with all he encountered. His legacy of teachings has been delivered to his beloved human companion Jennifer so that she may continue to pass on his unconditional love for humans, and this world, for years to come.
When a friend breaks a little bone it can help their pain by distracting them with witty chatter while they wait a long time at the doctor
My Review:

I read this book last week while sick in bed.  It was a quick read and very amusing.  I'd loved the illustrations, which were done by Tone Gellerstedt.  Those who know me, know that I am a pet lover.  I don't have cats myself (we have 3 rescue dogs), but I always thought cats were wise.  Now, through Stanley's Nine Lives of Everyday Wisdom, you too can be enlightened by reading this book today.  Some of my favorite pearls of wisdom from this book are:

Forgive easily when someone hurts you accidently, or even intentionally.  The next moment is not the present.

You never have to wait for anyone, or anything, if you learn to find pleasure in the moment at hand.

Take time out of your day to take time out of your day

If you are looking for a quick and fun read, why not check out this book today. It also makes a great gift for pet lovers!

Trimming nails can make you seem more friendly

About the Author:

Jennifer Freed is the co-founder/director of the highly successful teen program called The Academy of the Healing Arts (AHA!), which serves more than 1000 families annually in the state of California. AHA! is dedicated to the development of character, imagination, emotional intelligence, and social conscience in teenagers , while helping them set goals, support their peers, and serve their community. For The Academy of Healing Arts, Dr. Freed created the educational book series Become Your Best Self, which includes workbooks on Relationship Wisdom, Character, Compassion and Creative Expression, targeted to teens and young adults.

In addition to the workbook series, Dr. Freed has published The Ultimate Personality Guide, a popular interactive guidebook for understanding personality typologies. Her latest book published by Penguin, Lessons from Stanley the Cat: Nine Lives of Everyday Wisdom, inspired by a beloved feline friend, has received rave reviews. To learn more about Stanley, please visit

In her private practice, Dr. Freed provides individuals, couples, families and groups with effective communication, anger management, sexuality, parent-child communication, and drug and violence prevention. Other accomplishments include serving as the Statewide Director for the award-winning statewide teen program, The Media Project at the Human Relations Institute, and Statewide Director for Citizens' Policy Center Youthwork, in addition to several public service organizations that include the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center, Family Violence Prevention Program, Pacific Pride Foundation, and for Florence Crittendon in San Francisco.

Dr. Freed is the recipient of the 2009 Santa Barbara's Local Heroes Award and THE HOPE AWARD from Sierra Tucson Treatment Center, in recognition of her innovative curriculum for high school teenagers, which led to a 75% reduction in school suspensions. The Academy of Healing Arts was just awarded YOUTH PROGRAM OF THE YEAR by the City of Santa Barbara!!!!!

Disclosure:  I was given a copy of this book in order to write an honest review.  The views stated above are mine and mine alone.

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