Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Toy for Kids -- Splat Back

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to try a wonderful toy for children ages 5 and above -- the Splat Back toy.  These small plastic toys are non-toxic, filled with filtered water and contain no lead. You can throw them, toss or drop them and watch them "Splat".  And, then, they come back.  It is amazing to watch and the children go crazy playing with them and watching them come back into their original shape. Check out this video to see for yourself:

There are a wide assortment of Splat Back toys to choose from.  Here are just some of them:

Which one is your favorite?  Savannah fell in love with the Splat Egg.  She sat on Grandma's lap, while Grandma squished the toy between her hands.  When the egg shot out, Savannah laughed hysterically.  Now I have found the perfect toy to keep on hand when Savannah starts getting fussy.  Within seconds, she goes from crying to laughing, with a quick squeeze of these Splat Back balls.

The Splat Back toys will make great gifts for Easter.  Or, why not switch up the eggs this year with Splat Back balls.  The kiddos will go crazy trying to find all the different toys. Why not stock up today and have them on hand when the grandchildren come over, for a reward of a job well done or for a stocking stuffer.  It will provide children with hours of entertainment, at the drop of a ball.

--Buy Now---

Splat Backs will not break the bank.  You can pick up (1) for only $1.49, or save more and pick up (12) for only $8.99.  Order your Splat Backs online today.

Disclosure:  I was given a sample pack of Splat back balls to try out, in order to write an honest review.  My views stated above are mine and mine alone.

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