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Feature Friday -- Joey Wants to Know by Selena Smith Book Review

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"Joey Wants to Know is a creative tale about an inquisitive young kangaroo named Joey who wants to understand the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. Joey's questions are answered in this informative story when his mother explains appropriate and inappropriate touch and that it is okay for Joey and his sister to tell if they receive a bad touch—even if the touch is from a family member or a friend. A must-read for the day and time in which we live, Joey Wants to Know springs from the author's own personal childhood experience and her desire to help protect one child at a time. Full of colorful illustrations and lovable characters, Joey Wants to Know is an excellent tool for parents to teach and entertain children of all ages."

Source: Tate Publishing

My Review:

5 stars out of 5

If you think talking to your children about sex is going to be tough, have you even considered talking to them about appropriate touching?  This topic, like sex, is one that makes parents squirm just thinking about it, but it needs to be addressed and talked about with your children.  With the startling statistics on physical and sexual abuse out there, and in many instances, it occurs right under your noses by family members and close friends, the author, Selena Smith, has made it a little bit easier to approach this difficult subject matter.  With her book, Joey Wants to Know, Selena not only covers the subject matter in a professional manner, but also allows you to talk about each form of touch she brings up in this children's book freely with your child(ren).  Children ages 3-12 can relate to the appropriate touching discusses, and this can be reinforced through open communication while reading the book with them.  Then, when inappropriate touching is brought up in the book, parents will feel more confident in talking about the subject.  With beautiful illustrations and language that children can understand, this is a must have addition to any parents collection of books to share with their children. I have not seen any other children's book on the market that addresses inappropriate touch, and am so happy that Selena has taken the step in writing and having this book published.  She has helped shed a light on a subject matter many parents are afraid to address with their children.  We all think we are doing our best to protect our children, but we need to make sure that our children know what is an appropriate touch and what isn't, and that they can come to us if anything bad happens to them.  Keeping the lines of communication is key, and talking about tough subject matter like this, only strengthens the relationship we have with our children.

And, as an added bonus for buying this book, parents are given a coupon code on the last page, which they can use to download the audio version of the book FREE of charge.

About the Author:

I am the author of Joey Wants to Know: A Parent-Child Guide to Inappropriate Touch.  This children's book is a friendly, non-threatening tool to use with small children to explain inappropriate touch and what to do if it happens.  Statistics indicate that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthdays and that 95% of this abuse comes from someone the child knows.  Moms everywhere are confused about when to talk to their children about this topic and exactly how much they should say.  Joey Wants to Know is for ages 3-12, and it really opens up the dialogue between parent and child about this issue.  Education really is the best weapon parents and children have to combat the issue of child sexual abuse.  

Disclosure:  I was given a copy of this book by the author, in order to provide an honest review. My views/statements above are mine and mine alone.

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