Friday, March 11, 2011

Do You or Your Children Wear Insulin Pumps? Why Not Dress Them Up Today!

I am so excited to share Pump Wear Inc. with you.  I am always looking for unique products and services, and with a background in public health, there are few products that I back that deal with health conditions.  But, with the large number of young children and teens with diabetes, and some having to wear insulin pumps, I have never seen a creative way to conceal the insulin pumps they have to carry with them.  But, Pump Wear Inc. has come to the rescue.  They have created unique ways for kids and adults to conceal/carry their insulin pump.  So, if you know someone who uses an insulin pump, please share this post with them.
More About Pump Wear Inc.:

Pump Wear Inc.  Where 2 moms create a unique fun way for children and adults who wear an insulin pump.  Julie DeFruscio’s daughter went on an insulin pump at the age of 3 and Julie found that there was no way for a child this age to carry the small beeper like device that was her daughters life line.  That’s when Julie and her best friend Dawn Juneau decided that they could make wearing an insulin pump fun and creative.

Wearing and insulin pump should be a positive experience and that is exactly what they have done.

Today Pump Wear Inc. offers over 800 various ways to wear an insulin pump, even expanding into team walk t-shirts, diabetes awareness items and medical alert jewelry.

More About the Pump Paks: 

What are the Sizes of the Paks?:

Standard Size Pump Pak -  is approx 3 ½ inches wide by 2 ½ inches high
A standard size case will hold all pumps except for the distronic d-tron which is slightly larger.

D-Tron Size Pump Pak - is approx. 4 inches wided by 3 inches high.  This pak is designed to hold the disetronic d-tron pump.

What are the Differences in Pak Types?:

Velcro Pak - The front flap opens and closure of the flap is sealed with Velcro.  Tubing can extend from either side of the pak.

Single Zip Pak - Closure of the pak is with a single zipper, tubing extends from one side.

Double Zip Pak - Double zipper paks allow you to open the pak from either direction and also allow for the tubing to extend from either side.

All in one Pak  - The all in on pak is designed to hold the deltec cozmo pump with test strips and poker.

Double Up Pak - The double up pak is actually 2 paks in one, the back pak holds the pump and the front pak holds test supplies.  Measurements are 3 1/2  inches wide by 2 ½ inches high, thickness of the pak is about 2 inches.

Smart Pak - The smart pak will accommodate all pumps and a small testing monitor, poker and test strips.

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Disclosure:  I was not compensated for writing this post.

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