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Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace Relaxation CD by Susie Mantell -- Review and Giveaway


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Being a new mom, I am always looking for quick ways to unwind after a crazy day with a colicky and teething baby.  You don't know how excited I was when I heard I would be receiving a copy of Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace, a relaxation CD to try out and review.  I didn't wait long after receiving it in the mail to try it out.  First off, I was so impressed with the packaging and the gold sticker on the cover, that I hesitated opening it.  But, I knew that the best part was waiting for me inside the package -- a truly, relaxing 30 minute escape all on one CD.

This award-winning CD, by Susie Mantell will help melt away layer after layer of stress, worry, fatigue and depression, through the warm narration.  I couldn't believe how relaxing this CD was, and how great I felt in only a half hour.  I felt recharged and more relaxed, ready to tackle anything in my path -- and, then, I heard the baby cry.  But, now I can tend to Savannah will a new sense of me, less stressed and in a new calming manner. 

If you are a new mom or know someone who is, I highly suggest picking up Your Present:  A Half Hour of Peace CD today. This also makes a great gift for friends and family who suffer from stress, insomnia,  or are currently going through or recovering from cancer. And, who knows you may find your husband stealing your copy.  I found the relaxation CD in my husband's CD player, after being up all night with the baby.  He even commented on how it helped him relieve the stresses of the night, and helped recharge him for work.  

The best part of this relaxation CD is that you only have to give up 30 minutes of your time -- so, no feeling pressured to find 1-2 hours in order to unwind.  And, with a baby in tow, my time is limited - so, this is perfect and fits into my schedule.  When she goes down for a nap, I simply pop this stress CD into the CD player, and my worries and stresses simply float away.

Now, don't take it from me...  Susie Mantell's Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace, has won the Publishers Weekly Listen Up Awards in the "Best Audios" category. In addition, Susie and her CD have been featured in various publications including Redbook, Town and Country, The LA Times, Weight Watchers and more. 

About Stress-Relief Expert/Author Susie Mantell:

"Susie Mantell is the bestselling author of, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace." Listeners include The Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Canyon Ranch Health Resorts (10x "BEST SPA,") The Betty Ford Center, Hazelden, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, 1st responders, military families. . . and in these complex times, thousands of people in all walks of life who could just really use a nap. The warm, exquisite narration is clinically approved to relieve symptoms associated with stress and sleeplessness, pain, depression, fatigue and long-term illness, post-traumatic stress, cancer, workplace burnout and other physical, emotional and psychological stressors. With a voice described as "liquid," Mantell is often referred to as the calm within the storm. An insightful speaker, imaginative and fun, Mantell customizes programs for clients including Citibank, Verizon, New York Hospital: Columbia/Cornell, Remington, The Arthritis Foundation, The National Conference on Loss and the Medical, Health & Healing Staffs at the world-renowned Canyon Ranch Health Resorts. Mantell's powerful, practical mind-body techniques have been featured in NBC, ABC, CBS TV, The Los Angeles Times,Town & Country, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Weight Watchers, Playboy, syndicated radio and newspapers, OnHealthWebMD, iVillage, Executive Update, and America Online. Utilizing cognitive and integrative techniques to prevent and release stress, enhance clarity and focus, improve memory, boost morale and overall well-being, she offers fresh perspectives and realistic tools to support wellness, consistent with individual belief systems and lifestyles. With experience in mind-body processes, energy medicine, meditation, breath and body work, Susie has also participated in shamanic healing. The Coca-Cola Company named Susie to their 4-person panel of experts, "The Dasani Wellness Team."

To learn more about Your Present:  A Half Hour of Peace relaxation CD, click here.


To order your copy of Your Present:  A Half Hour of Peace for only $14.95, click here. And, for a limited time, you can buy 5 CDs and get one free!  This would make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for family and friends -- and, you could score a FREE CD for yourself.  

Your Present:  A Half-Hour of Peace can also be purchased in bookstores nationwide (ISBN: 978 0965072410)

Looking for FREE stress tips, check out Susie Mantell's tips here

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Disclosure:  I was given a sample CD in order to write up an honest review on the product.  My views and comments above are mine and mine alone. In addition, Relax Intuit LLC has kindly offered a CD for a giveaway to one of my readers.


  1. my father is getting ready to begin chemo, and i think being able to listen to this may help him relax.

  2. I would like this for at work. I'm a massage therapist and we are always looking for new relaxation cds to play. :)
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  3. I have heard that relaxation cds are really good to listen to before competitive events. They just get you calmed down enough to destress and then perform the best you can. - Janie