Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Virtual Baby Shower -- On the Fly Bottle Warmer™

I would like to introduce you to On The Fly Bottle Warmer™, a chic baby warmer, that NATURALLY stays warm for 12 full hours (no electricity, batteries, boiling water etc.).  Best of all, it was created by another mom entrepreneur, Maureen Christy (Stay tuned next month when I interview Maureen in my Spotlight on Mommy Monday series).  This bottle warmer is ideal for traveling and busy moms on the go, and it stays warm for a full day of feedings.  What mom wouldn't want this convenience when they are out and about running errands with baby.

The two-layered stretch BottleSOC slowly heats, thus, maintaining a tepid temperature for water with mixed formula, breast milk and premixed formula to ensure vitamin and mineral retention.  This bottle warmer is truly a life saver.  As a busy mom on the go, it is nice to put Savannah's bottle in this warmer and know that when she gets hungry, the bottle is warm and ready to give her.  No more boiling water to warm the bottles. I have received so many comments from other moms who see me pulling the bottle warmer out of my diaper bag.  They love the cow print and concept of having a bottle ready when you need it.  And, I never have to worry about the bottle overheating -- which has always been a concern when I warm Savannah's bottles.

The On the Fly Bottle Warmer makes the perfect gift for expectant or new moms, as well as those who are nursing.  Instead of nursing in public, you can simply pump and store as normal, and then when you are ready to head out, just grab the bottle of milk and it will be ready for your baby's next feeding.  It is that easy and simple. 

The On The Fly Bottle Warmer 2 Pack includes two small air-activated 12-hour warming pads for use with On The Fly Bottle BottleSOC (not included). This bottle warming system works on all 4-5oz. wide mouth bottles. One warmer will provide convenient multiple feedings throughout a day, with no pre-preparation - no boiling water, no metal disk to click, no electricity, no microwave.
The On The Fly Bottle Warmer provides a perfect tepid (90-104 degree) bottle in 30 minutes, the temperature recommended by pediatricians. Wherever you and your baby go, you can always have a perfect bottle with On The Fly Bottle Warmer.

It is great for the car, air travel, shopping, theme parks, sporting events or anytime you are On The Fly. The ONLY portable bottle warmer that is truly portable.  Please note that this bottle warmer is not intended for use with drop in liner bottles.

---BUY NOW---

On The Fly Bottle Warmer™, the only portable bottle warmer that is truly portable, can be purchased through their online store, Babies’R’ or Toys’R’ as well as retailers noted on the website for $18.99 for a Small Starter Kit (fits 4oz bottles) and $19.99 for a Large Starter Kit (fits 8-11oz bottles).

In addition, you can purchase small refill warmer packs for $8.99, while large refill warmer packs are $9.99.

Disclosure:  I was given a sample from the vendor in order to provide an honest review.  The views/comments stated above are mine and mine alone.

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