Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Perfect Gift to Salute Our Moms -- FREE

Looking for the perfect Valentine's Gift for your mom?  I would like to share a website that lets you share stories of the women that mean the most to us.  And, in honor of Valentine's Day, what better way to show our moms how much they mean to us, by sharing their stories with others on the Herstory Network's My Mother, My Heroine.  By sharing your story, free of charge, others will be able to read about your mother,and she will go down in herstory by having her own page dedicated to the story you write about it.  All you have to do is complete the form here, telling why your mother is your heroine.  In addition, you can buy an Official Herstory Network Certificate of Authenticity to give to your herstory heroine for only $7.00.  It’s suitable for framing, and a beautiful reminder that she will always have a page in herstory.

In addition to this section on the HerStory Network, you can also check out other stories about notable women in society and history that made an impact on the world.  This is a great Girl Power site, that makes you feel good about being a woman.  Check it out for yourself and share it with your girlfriends today.


More About HerstoryNetwork.com:

Herstory network is a gathering place of sharing and information on women and girls who made, are making, and will continue to make history.

Our goal is to put the spotlight on all of the brave, ingenious and renegade women and girls who help to shape our world’s evolution. We chose the word herstory, because our goal is to tell her story, individually and collectively.

Along with the factual information you will find on these pages, we also hope to inspire you to remember what women are capable of when they follow the truth within their own hearts and refuse to conform to standard.

A very wise woman once said, ‘women who follow the rules rarely make history.’ To that we’d like to add, ‘but women who break the rules, make herstory.’

Here’s to all of us herstory makers; past, present and future.


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