Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Online Virtual Baby Shower Gift Guide -- Tiny Love Jungle Park Gym Review

I had the opportunity to review the new Jungle Park Activity Gym from Tiny Love.  What a great activity mat this is.  I was hesitant at first to try out the activity mat, as I had purchased one in the past and had to send in two the chime attachments, as they were recalled.  But, I am so glad I tried out the new Jungle Park mat. Compared to other activity mats, this mat was oversized, giving my daughter, Savannah more room to roam around on.  Also, the activity mat offered a variety of visually stimulating attachments, as well as a mirror and music that is activated by push button, or is the flap is lifted and closed. 

When I first put Savannah down on the mat, she was fixated on the mirror.  She loves to look and smile at herself.  Then, she began to move around and kick her legs.  Savannah activated the music and began to giggle.  She continued to navigate around the mat and hit and kicked each of the attachments, especially the rattle.  After 15 minutes of play, the most exciting thing happened -- Savannah finally rolled over.  We have been waiting for her to roll over for some time, and the doctor said that tummy time on a play mat would be the best way for her to learn to roll over.  We have another jungle themed activity play mat from Fisher Price that we had been using, but Savannah really didn't take to it.  I couldn't believe that the Tiny Love Jungle Park Activity Gym was all Savannah needed to roll over.

Now that Savannah has learned to roll over, she spends half her time on her back hit and kicking the rattle and toys, and then rolls over onto her belly and strokes the crinkly ears of the elephant and other fabrics attached to the activity mat.  She also loves to move the sound-activated flap back and forth, while looking at herself in the mirror. 

If you are looking for the perfect activity mat for your baby, this is the perfect one for tummy time.  It will provide hours of play and enjoyment for your little -- and, who knows, maybe it will help your child learn to roll over as well.

I have always loved Tiny Love's soft developmental toys, and now I have added their activity mats to the list again.  Now, when I have to buy a baby shower gift for friends, the Jungle Park Activity Gym will be my gift of choice.  And, at only $69.99, you can't go wrong. 

More About Tiny Love's Jungle Park Activity Mat:

Tiny Love, known for its innovative and forward-thinking infant development toys, understands the benefits to both parents and babies alike when it comes to activity gyms. 

Tiny Love activity gyms have been a staple in homes of babies for 20 years.  Now, Tiny Love is extending the popularity of its award-winning series of infant development toys with the introduction of the Jungle Park Activity Gym -- an innovative play mat featuring a unique slide ring feature coupled with colorful styling.  This full-surround development activity gym for babies first stages of development features an extra large mat to engage baby in various forms of tactile activities, stimulating touch and entertainment through lights and sound.

Tiny Love's slide rings are a simple, smart innovation that allow baby to enjoy the satisfaction and achievement of reaching the toys.  It's frustration-free and adds to the pure fun of the Jungle Park Plus, babies love to change positions and the extra-large mat functions in three modes of play:  laying on the back, playing on the tummy and sitting up.  Adjustable slide rings allow parents to position the toys anywhere on the overhead arches to enable such toys as the dangling colorful lion and elephant to be positioned for the infant's view and reach.  Tummy-time is extra special with padded pillow, baby-activated lights and musical electronic toy and engaging mirror.  Colorful animals -- pleasing music - twinkling lights -- tactile features -- mirrors -- and tummy-time pillow -- the Jungle Park Activity Gym has it all.

Tiny Love's Jungle Park Activity Gym retails for $69.99, and is available at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon.com and many online, juvenile and specialty retailers nationwide. 

Visit the Tiny Love website for more information.


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