Monday, February 28, 2011

Mars Needs Moms -- The Top 10 Things My Daughter Would Miss Most If I Were Abducted by Aliens

In honor of the March 11th release of "Mars Needs Moms," SocialMoms has asked bloggers to write up a post about what are the top ten things you think your kids would miss most about you if you were abducted by aliens/Martians? We can't wait to see this movie -- just take a look at the trailer.  Below is my list of things that I think Savannah would miss if I were abducted by aliens.  Feel free to comment on what your kids would miss most.

Here is my list:

1.  My crazy songs -- Savannah gets a kick out of the songs I make up on the fly, including messy diapers and the silly sounds she makes.  Her dad thinks I am crazy when I sing these songs, but I have caught him when he thinks I can't hear, making up his own crazy songs.
2.  Bath time fun -- I think Savannah would like our bath time ritual, which includes splashing in the tub with her toys, singing and counting, and then being bundled up to keep warm.  Once she is warm, then I give her a full body massage with baby lotion.  She loves being pampered.
3.  Hushing her to bed -- When Savannah can't sleep, I rock her and say, "Shhh, Shhh, Shhh," this calms her down and drifts off to sleep.
4.  Playgroups -- Savannah would miss playgroup fun.  I don't think her father would want to sit around and talk girl talk with moms, while the children all play.
5.  Shopping -- Savannah loves our shopping sprees.  She knows that if she is on her best behavior, that she will get a new toy.  When she goes shopping with daddy, usually to the hardware store, they own browse.
6. Cabinet full of her favorite foods -- Now that Savannah is eating stage 2 foods, she goes crazy for mango, bananas, pear, apples and more.  I make sure that I  have all her favorite in stock and ready for her.  Daddy just grabs the food and expects it to be there.  I don't think he would keep her favorite food supply up like I do.
7.  TV time -- Even though some parents shy about having their babies watch television, I have been using it as a teaching tool.  Because we are trying to have Savannah be bilingual (so she can talk with her paternal grandparents), Dora and Diego have been great.  She counts along on her fingers when they are count in Spanish.  Savannah and I are both fans of the Sprout channel.  Daddy, however, can only take so much of Dora and Diego.
8. Dancing -- Savannah and I have our daily dance parties.  We crank up Bruno Mars and dance around the house. 
9.  Making Savannah Smile -- One of the best things of being a mom is making my daughter laugh.  I can make a silly face or just smile -- and, she smiles right back.  It is priceless.
10.  Bedtime Reading -- Each night I read 2-3 books to Savannah.  This is a great way to unwind after a busy day.  Savannah loves helping to turn the pages. 

Wow, just by compiling this list, I am able to see all the things I do with my daughter, and that we both enjoy.

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    I finally got around to answering these Qs on my blog. What fun! And, I agree compiling the list I realize that we do a lot of fun mom/daughter things together even though she's only 16 mos. Thanks for the post!

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