Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Review: The Facebook Marketing Book, by Dan Zarella and Alison Zarrella

Having recently started my own business, Inspired by Savannah, I am learning how important social media, like Facebook is, in reaching out to my target audience.  Because I am just starting out, I am doing most of the marketing legwork myself.  So, I thought this book would be a good read, and maybe shed some insight on how to use Facebook to my advantage. First off, I have to say this was a quick read, as it was written in simple English -- so, you don't need a background in marketing or public relations to understand the concepts.

The book was broken down into easy-to-read sections dealing with Profiles, Groups, Pages, Applications, Ads, Events and Facebook etiquette, and went over useful tools and features to make your Facebook experience worthwhile. It walked you through setting up a personal and business page, how to invite friends, etc.  After reading this book, I feel more confident with setting up campaign goals and executing proper Facebook marketing strategies.  I also learned how to measure the results of campaigns I run with key performance indicators.

Overall, this book is more like an introduction to the social networking world and will not answer advance questions on marketing via Facebook.  But, it is a good start for people looking to get their feet wet with social media outlets and learn useful tips in navigating through Facebook.

Disclosure: I received a free e-book copy for review purposes.  I was not influenced in my review, and my review is based only on my impression of the book I read.

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