Friday, April 24, 2015

Stackins Stackable Friends Are Now Available in Justice Stores Nationwide and Online (Review) #stackins

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

 Collect them, Stack them, Love them!

My girls have stumbled upon a new toy that they just can't get enough of called Stackins.  Have you heard of these new toys from Funrise Toy Corporation.  They are relatively new in that they launched in Justice stores nationwide at the end of March, in time for parents to fill their child's Easter baskets with these cute stacking plush toys.  

Bonny the Bunny (3.5 in) Small Plush
These plush pets (3.5" long, 2.5" wide, 2" tall)
are perfect for stacking in Easter baskets, trading and sharing with friends or just snuggling!

We were sent four Stackins shortly after Easter and they became an instant hit and one of those toys your child can't put down or leave the house without.  Savannah makes a point to bring one of these cute critters with her to school to keep her company.  There hasn't been a day that I have gone to pick her up that I don't find her taking the Stackins toy out of her backpack to show off or let one of her friends hold. :-)

And, unlike other toys the girls have, the Stackins are one of the few that they can play with together without fighting over.  Yes, I did have to buy an extra set for Bella, as Savannah loves to take all four of the original Stackins to bed with her -- but, they are content in playing with one set, when together.

I love to watch my girls try to stack these cute critters on top of one another and then push them and watch them topple over.  And, when they are not stacking them, I can find the girls doing a hide and seek with them by placing them around the house and having the other sister go and look for them.

Who knew that a toy like this could be so much fun!  My girls keep asking me if new Stackins have come out yet.  As far as I can tell from the official Stackins website -- -- these four are the only ones currently available for purchase online and at JUSTICE stores.  But, the website and press that I have read say that more are to come in sizes small, medium and large, and will be available in other retailers like Walmart this summer.  

Check out these cute Stackins that are coming soon...

I want to get Ella the Elephant for me -- she looks so cute!!!! :-)

I know two girls who will be saving up their allowance so that they can buy more Stackins when new ones release, so that they can collect and even trade with them with their friends. :-)  For now, they are content with Bonny the Bunny, Kiki the Fox (Bella's favorite), Poppy the Puppy (Savannah's favorite) and Checkers the Cheetah.

"Funrise has big plans for Stackins, including an interactive microsite at that recently launch and Stackins animated webisodes coming soon that will follow the fun antics of these furry friends."

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. These are so adorable, and my niece would love to have a selection of these fun soft stackable toys! I will have to get her one, and have my sister get her one-she would love it!

  2. These are just adorable and I would love to get these for two of my friends kids.
    heather [email protected]

  3. I never saw Stackins Stackable Friends before this. They are just so cute. My daughter would have collected these when she was younger.
    twinkle at optonline dot net