Thursday, November 8, 2018

Get the "White Glove" Treatment When You Shop Megalopolis for All Your Collectible Toys for Adults This Holiday Season (Review)

Disclosure:  I was provided with samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Is your favorite holiday Halloween, or do you know someone who wishes it could be October 31st all year round?  If you answered "Yes" to either question, then you will want to know about Megalopolis, an online adult collectible specialty retailer that focuses on offering an exciting online shopping experience for fans of Halloween and all things spooky, ghoulish and up there on the horror movie scale.  Think Jason, Chucky, Stranger Things and It...and then think of all the great collectible toys and figures fans of these shows and movies will love to own and show off. They even offer toys like He-man and Skeletor, as well as other superheroes, Anime, video game characters and so much more.  You could spend a whole day just checking out all the products they have to offer.

I was recently introduced to Megalopolis right before Halloween, and found myself putting together a wish list for my birthday in November, as well as to ask Santa for.  While I am not a huge horror movie fan, I do love the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things, and one of my favorite childhood movies was Gremlins.  And, when I first visited the Megalopolis website, I found toys and collectibles for both of these, and was all smiles.

If you were a child of the 80's then you probably were watching ET, Gremlins and Goonies. Those were our movies of our generation.  If only we kept all the toys we had collected back them.  I still remember my Gizmo plush I got for my birthday as a kid.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and slept with it through most of my childhood years into my early teens.  It was cool to have a toy like this, and now all these years later, adults are still getting in on the fun collecting toys and figures, just like kids do, to display and enjoy.  

What I love so much about Megalopolis is that is a one-stop shopping destination online for adult collectors of toys, action figures, figurines and more.  And, with the holidays fast approaching, Megalopolis could making shopping for Halloween, Anime, superhero, and gaming fans a breeze.  Once you visit the Megalopolis website you will be amazed at all they have to offer.  The hard part will be deciding what to buy, as you will want it all.  :-)


More about Megalopolis:

"Megalopolis is an online adult collectible specialty retailer, focused on delivering an exciting online shopping experience, infused with things collectors do and love.  Megalopolis is the premier destination for collectors of all properties through an amazing and diversified selection of both domestic and import toys, a loyalty program that offers collectors free product and tremendous value, and a focus on integrating seamlessly with the collector lifestyle.

In addition to some of the most popular collectibles from around the world, Megalopolis has developed its own proprietary character called The Toy Overlord who serves as the mascot for the site. He appears on the company logo and imagery has a clearly defined personality developed by the Megalopolis team. The Toy Overlord will be available in several proprietary products, he oversees the Mega Rewards Loyalty Program and writes the company newsletter.

Megalopolis is setting itself apart from other online retailers by offering white glove shipping using custom branded packaging for collectibles, which any collector will appreciate! When the collectibles appear on the doorstep, they come packaged in custom made branded boxes, packed with care with purple bubble wrap, branded tissue paper, packing peanuts, etc.  Each box also contains special bonuses such as a Toy Overlord Squishy or Toy Overlord Mini-figure, and Megalopolis stickers.  This custom packaging is designed with collectors in mind and is at no additional cost to the customer. This unique shipping model creates an exciting curating and unboxing experience for shoppers.  Megalopolis’ product portfolio includes a mix of their own proprietary collectibles, as well as figures and generally first to market collectibles and niche action figure brands from top manufacturers, import, specialty, art toys, and other rare goods that aren’t widely available."


Recently, the folks at Megalopolis sent me a few products from their shop, so that I could experience the Megalopolis shopping experience.  I loved how the toys/figures arrived in a box with stickers and a couple extra goodies.  

And, just like when kids get a box in the mail, I was all giddy and excited and couldn't wait to tear away the white/purple tissue paper to see the toys inside. 


Look at the fun collectible goodies I was sent....


Fans of Stranger Things and Eleven will love the STRANGER THINGS COLOR TOPS COLLECTOR EDITION ELEVEN from McFarlane Toys.  Just look at how life-like this action figure of Eleven looks -- complete with her hand raised and bloody nose...

Out of the three things sent from Megalopolis, I have to say my favorite was the Gremlins Ultimate Gizmo figure from NECA.  

This cute Gizmo figure came with 4 swappable faces, moveable eyes, a robe belt, pencil arrow, bow, candy cane, Santa hat and trumpet.  

Who wouldn't wait to display and dress Gizmo for all seasons. :-)  

Well, now you can when you pick up the GREMLINS --- set available now at Megalopolis for only $24.99.


My husband brought the IT 2017 Ultimate Pennywise figure from NECA to his work and set up on his desk. 

By the end of the day, he said half his dept. had come to cubicle to check it out and play with it.  They asked where they could get one, and from there emails and chat messages went back and forth between the group about all the cool toys and products had to offer.  

Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy action figures and toys?  Thanks to Megalopolis, and their one-stop shopping experience, that will have you returning time and again, you will feel like a kid all over again, as you shop for and display your favorite action figures and playsets.

To learn more about Megalopolis and check out their amazing selection of collectible toys and more, head on over to today.  I can't wait to see what you end up picking up for yourself, or gifting this holiday season. :-)

Disclosure:  I was provided with samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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