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Reach for Grab Green Non-Toxic Cleaners as You Start Your Spring Cleaning This Year -- Review and #Giveaway #CleanConfidently #grabgreen #GrabGreenEarth

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Make Everyday EARTH DAY in Your Home! 

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While I look forward to the warmer weather, one thing I don't like about spring is the cleaning.  Are you are fan of spring cleaning?  I, for one, could skip right over this and just enjoy sitting out on the deck watching the girls play in the backyard...with no snow in sight.  But, we are adults and it is our job to keep our homes clean, especially for the health and well being of our family.  And, with this past crazy winter, which brought the flu, pneumonia, stomach bugs and a handful of head colds and sinus infections, I was ready to push up my sleeves and really give my house a good spring cleaning from top to bottom.  But, when it comes to cleaning products, which ones are best?  

Have you heard about Grab Green?  If you haven't, don't feel bad as I hadn't heard about them either, that was until I was recently sent a box filled of their Eco-friendly cleaning products to try throughout my house -- including laundry and kitchen products.  And, I have to say after having the opportunity to try out these products firsthand, I am now a repeat customer of Grab Green and look for it whenever I need to restock on cleaning products for my home.

Here is more about Grab Green in case you weren't familiar with this amazing natural cleaning products line...

"Grab Green ( is boldly shaking up your cleaning routine thanks to recent scientific tests that found its laundry and dishwashing pods superior to conventional brands in removing many of today’s toughest stains and soils.  These green home cleaning products are environmentally safe, non-toxic and outperform the chemical-laden “big” guys like Tide and Cascade!

Laying to rest once and for all the outdated notion that non-toxic, all-natural cleaning products —Laundry and Dishwashing Pods, Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner, are somehow inherently inferior to their traditional counterparts in power or effectiveness, a fast-growing brand called Grab Green ( is boldly shaking up the category thanks to recent scientific tests that found its laundry and dishwashing pods superior to conventional brands in removing many of today’s toughest stains and soils. 

Grab Green PRODUCTS:

3 in 1 Laundry Detergent - Gardenia
• 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods – (24 loads per bag) – 1. Superior Detergent 2. Remarkable Stain Remover 3. Beautiful Brightener. 3 in 1 comes in four fresh fragrances (lavender with vanilla, gardenia, vetiver, fragrance free)

• NEW Stoneworks Laundry Detergent Pods (50 loads per bag) –  Especially (though by no means solely) for millennials, recyclers and outdoor enthusiasts, this cost-effective and eco-responsible line features a collection of earthy fragrance profiles. Choose from 5 fragrances: Birch, Oak Tree, Rose Petal, Olive Leaf, and Rain Fragrance Free. 
 cookware & bakeware cleaner pods

• Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner. No more scrubbing pots and pans! Offering ease, convenience, natural purity and robust cleaning power to home and professional chefs, cooks and bakers alike, Grab Green’s plant and mineral-based cookware and bakeware cleaners are naturally-derived and feature a non-toxic formula that’s safe and completely effective. 

• Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pods. (24 loads per bag) – Grab Green’s Pods are a powerful grease remover and will leave your dishes sparkling clean. Comes in four fragrances: Thyme with Fig Leaf, Red Pear with Magnolia, Grapefruit with Cranberry, Tangerine with Lemongrass, and Fragrance Free. 

All Grab Green products are safe, eco-responsible and never animal tested. In addition to the proven efficacy of its products, the company is defined by a commitment to True Transparency that includes clearly listing every product ingredient and its purpose on each package.  Grab Green products are sold in major retail stores, on the site, on and through several other online retailers."

Like I said, I was sent a box of Grab Green cleaning products to try and used this as an opportunity to really put these products to the test during a recent spring cleaning I did last weekend, while my husband took the girls to the movies.  I had the whole house to myself and was ready to get the house in tip top shape for spring and get rid of any lingering germs from the winter months once and for all.  

Included in my box of Grab Green products were the following:

3 in 1 Laundry Detergent - Lavender with Vanilla

• 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods – lavender with vanilla

• NEW Stoneworks Laundry Detergent Pods -- Rose Petal

cookware & bakeware cleaner pods
• Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner

• Automatic Dishwashing Detergent PodsRed Pear with Magnolia


I don't know about you, but one cleaning task I like to do is the laundry, as I find it not only relaxing, but it gives me time alone in the laundry room folding the clothes, before I walk throughout the house putting them all away. :-)  I love the scent of lavender and having it paired with vanilla made it only smell that much better.  With 4 loads of laundry waiting for me in the laundry room, I couldn't wait to drop one of these 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods and wait until the wash was done to smell just how fresh and clean the clothes smelled.  Oh, how I was I was able to include a scratch and sniff here or have access to a smellovision television so that you can experience the amazing scent of lavender with vanilla.  

It was so pleasing to the nose and I felt relaxed as I went through the different loads, washing and drying my family's clothes with the help of Grab Green's 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods.  

I did save one load to try out their new Stoneworks Laundry Detergent Pods, which I was sent Rose Petal scent.  

Even though lavender is my favorite scent, the rose petal is a close second.  I found myself lingering in the laundry room, just to take in the wonderful scent of the rose petal.  Laundry for me is relaxing, but when I used these two laundry products from Grab Green, it made the experience that much more enjoyable.  Try saying that about about your other cleaning products.  

After I was done with the laundry, I headed to the kitchen where there was a dishwasher full of dishes from dinner the night before and sink full of dishes from breakfast and lunch.  Times like this I wish I had a housekeeper to help me with the dishes, as they are not my favorite thing to do.  But, with samples of Grab Green's automatic dishwashing detergent pods and their Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner in hand, I was ready to say goodbye to all these dirty dishes and hello to a sink and dishwasher empty -- until dinner that night.

"Grab Green’s plant and mineral-based Cookware & Bakeware Cleaning Pods are formulated to take on the toughest cleaning challenges possible - with no scrubbing required! 

cookware & bakeware cleaner pods
Offering ease, convenience, natural purity and robust cleaning power, Grab Green’s cookware and bakeware pods feature a non-toxic formula that’s both safe and completely effective. So effective, in fact, that it not only removes burnt-on food, grease, grit and grime in minutes, but makes soaking dirty pots and pans overnight a thing of the past.  

The magic occurs immediately when Grab Green’s unique blend of naturally-derived ingredients mixes with water to penetrate burnt, stuck-on foods along with other cooking and baking residue. After that, simply rinse (you don't even have to repeat) and celebrate the clean!"

I don't know what I would if I didn't have a dishwasher to help cut down on my time standing at the sink scrubbing and cleaning the dishes and pots and pans.  Oh yeah, I would buy disposal dishes. Just kidding.  I love how I just have to drop in a Red Pear with Magnolia automatic dishwashing detergent pod and turn the dishwasher on, and it works it magic.  

When I opened the dishwasher door after the wash and dry cycle I couldn't get over just how clean my dishes and drinking glasses were.  Imagine those commercials you see on television of people pulling out just cleaned dishes from the dishwasher...this it what I was experiencing after using the automatic dishwashing detergent pods from Grab Green.  Never have I seen my dishes and glasses sparkle like this.  And, the scent of the Red Pear with Magnolia was subtle yet pleasing to the nose.  

"A separate recent study found that Grab Green Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pods outperform Cascade Pacs, Cascade Complete and Cascade Platinum in removing such common soils as tea with milk, red wine, and coffee.    

Grab Green Automatic Dishwashing Detergent is a superior cleaner and powerful grease remover that always leaves a brilliant shine. While some dishwasher detergent has phosphates and harsh chemicals, Grab Green’s naturally-derived, spot-free pods are free of dyes, chlorine and phosphates, and are equally effective in hard or soft water."

As I tackled the laundry and the kitchen area using Grab Green, I found myself getting excited about spring cleaning.  Thanks to these amazing Eco-friendly cleaning products, I was able to turn a dreaded annual cleaning ritual into a fun and enjoyable one.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning trying out my new toys...well, in this case new cleaning products from Grab Green.  I loved trying each and every one of the products sent.  And, by the time my husband and girls arrived home, I couldn't wait to show off the clean house.  The first thing my husband noticed was that there was no overpowering chemical smell like in years past after a day of cleaning with household cleaning products.  I didn't have to open all the windows and doors in the house to air it out.  Instead, I found myself relaxed and feeling excited...not only was my spring cleaning done, but it wasn't a painful task like in years past, thanks to the wonderful cleaning products from Grab Green.

If you still have to start your spring cleaning and don't want to deal with exposing yourself or your family to harsh cleaning products with strong chemical smells that linger, why not make a point to pick up Grab Green products the next time you do your shopping.  Once you try Grab Green's line of non-toxic cleaners you will see why and I so many other people reach for this trusted brand.  

You will not believe how well these products work in your kitchen, in the laundry room and around your home.  And, the selection of scents available for the different cleaning products are all wonderful smelling and not overpowering like others brands on the market.  I highly recommend Grab Green and can't wait to try some of their other cleaning products.


You can find Grab Green cleaning products at the following major retailers -- Ralphs, Whole Foods, and etailers (i.e. Amazon, vitacost, iherb), as well as shop online at  

Having trouble finding Grab Green at your favorite retailer, then head on over to to use their easy store locator to find a retailer near you who carries Grab Green products.

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I am excited to share a special coupon code to that have you saving 25% on your next Grab Green purchase.  To take advantage of this savings, simply enter in discount code Earth25 at checkout over at at, and you will save 25% off all purchased products.  It is that easy!  But, act fast, as this special offer is only valid until May 7th!


Thanks to the folks at Grab Green, two (2) lucky Inspired by Savannah reader will have a chance to win a Grab Green prize pack, which will include the same four products I was sent to review. :-)  

cookware & bakeware cleaner pods

• 3in1 Laundry Detergent Pods – lavender with vanilla

• NEW Stoneworks Laundry Detergent Pods -- Rose Petal

• Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner

• Automatic Dishwashing Detergent PodsRed Pear with Magnolia

To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.
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Visiting Lake Compounce in CT This Summer? Save $5 Off Each Ticket Purchase NOW!!!! #LakeCompounce

Disclosure:  In exchange for complimentary tickets to the attraction, I will be sharing pre- and post-trip posts.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Looking for something to do this summer with the family?  Have you been to Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT yet?  My husband and I first went when we moved to CT back in 2007 (that was before children) and had a blast.  And, this June for our oldest daughter, Savannah's 7th birthday, we will be surprising her with an overnight staycation birthday trip to Bristol, CT to take in all the fun rides and water park at Lake Compounce.    She loves amusement rides and water, so we know she will have a blast here, as will our other daughter, Bella.  

“Photo courtesy of Lake Compounce.”

And, with so many recent additions at  the oldest amusement park in the country, Lake Compounce had tripled the fun this season by adding the first Pink’s Hollywood Hot Dogs on the East Coast, Bear Creek Campground with charming cabins and traditional tipis and Lake Compounce has also made the advantageous changes of offering two new season pass options and increasing the number of cabanas in Crocodile Cove Water Park.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, outdoor and nature
Bear Creek Campground

Crocodile Cove VIP Cabana

We plan to stay in one of the 2 bedroom cabins so that we can get two full days in at the park.  Even though we are a little over an hour away, with little ones, it is a full day affair going out with them.  And, my thought is that we can go back after a long afternoon and rest up before taking in on-site activities including movie night and crafts at the Bear Creek Campground (Reserve your overnight (or longer) online at, before waiting early to hit the park one last time before heading home.  While I know the girls will be excited...shh, I haven't told them yet, I am finding myself getting excited too, as I plan our mini birthday staycation for Savannah in June. :-)

“Photos courtesy of Lake Compounce.”

With so much do for children and adults of all ages, Lake Compounce is the place to be this summer, especially enjoying their water park on those hot summer days!  So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the Lake Compounce website to learn more about their hours, special events and promotions and to order your tickets online today.  Want to save $5.00 off of each regular ticket purchased?  Read on to learn how...

*Stay tuned in the coming months as I will be sharing my personal review and photos of our day at Lake Compounce*


Only for Inspired by Savannah readers, save $5 off the regular admission tickets purchased by visiting and using promo code "InspiredSBlog17".  Act fast as this offer expires soon!  Be sure to share the above link and promo code with family and friends so that they can enjoy the savings, too! :-)

  • Regular Price: $43.99
  • Discounted Price: $38.99
  • *Applicable fees not included. 


    Stay up-to-date on all things Lake Compounce this summer including special events, promos and more by following their social media channels here:

    Twitter: @LakeCompounce 
    Instagram: @LakeCompounce 


    About Lake Compounce:

    Lake Compounce, New England’s Premier Family Theme and Waterpark, is the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America, going into its 171st season. Home to the number one wooden roller coaster in the world, Boulder Dash, and the first triple launch steel coaster in New England, Phobia Phear Coaster. Other thrill rides include Wildcat, Thunder N' Lightning, and Down Time. The park, located in Bristol Connecticut is also home to the largest waterpark in Connecticut, and features attractions for all ages. NEW Bear Creek Campground is located next to Lake Compounce and is the perfect family friendly destination for anyone looking for an adventurous getaway.

    Established in 1846, Lake Compounce is the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America. Platinum Season Passes are currently on sale for the 2017 season. More information and the park's operating schedule can be found at

    Disclosure:  In exchange for complimentary tickets to the attraction, I will be sharing pre- and post-trip posts.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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    Enter to #Win a #SpiritRidingFree Prize Pack and Tune in to Netflix on May 5th for the New Animated Series Premiere #Giveaway

    If you haven't checked out Netflix lately, you really should.  There is a wonderful selection of shows and movies for both kids and adults to enjoy.  Right now my husband and I are watching a few shows, while the girls can't stop watching the Disney movies and episodes from some of their favorite shows from television.  And, after showing them the trailer for the upcoming Spirit Riding Free series, which premieres on Netflix on Friday, May 5th, the girls are counting down the days to watch this show.  Both of my girls are horse lovers and fell in love with this new DreamWorks Animated series when they saw the Spirit, a beautiful wild mustang.  I know they will love this series and I can't wait to sit down and watch it with them.  So, if you a child who loves horses, or is a fan of animated series from DreamWorks that air on Netflix, or your kids have been looking for a new show to watch, then you'll want to mark May 5th on your calendar for the premiere of Spirit Riding Free.

    Here is more about this show including the official trailer...

    "The series, inspired by the Oscar®-nominated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, follows the heartfelt journey of a gutsy 12-year-old girl named Lucky who befriends a wild mustang whom she aptly names Spirit. With her two best friends (and their horses) by her side, Lucky and her friends explore a world filled with endless rides, magnificent horses and and never ending fun! Together they’ll push their own limits, harness the power of friendship and discover what it truly means to be free."

    Also, be sure to check out the Spirit Riding Free Activity Packet for DIY “Friendship Frames” and friendship bracelets, word searches, mazes and coloring pages of your favorite Spirit Riding Free horses and riders, as you eagerly await the premiere of this new series arriving on Netflix on May 5th.


    In anticipation of this new show, I am excited to offer one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader the chance to win a fun Spirit Riding Free prize pack, which will include a DIY picture frame, a friendship bracelet making kit, a journal, a bandana, a plush toy, and the Spirit Riding Free book.  How great does this prize pack sound, right!  :-)  

    For your chance to win this cool Spirit Riding Free prize pack, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS Featuring '90s Child Stars and Real-Life BFFs Premieres Tomorrow Night on Pop #HollywoodDarlings #ad

    Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated for my time.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.

    If you grew up in the 90's, then you probably were a fan of such shows as Step by Step, 7th Heaven and Full House.  I, for one, used to love tuning in to TGIF on Fridays to catch Step by Step which featured Sasha Mitchell as everyone's favorite uncle Cody, Dana Foster played by Staci Keanan who was also known for her role in My Two Dads in the 80's, and tomboy Al Lambert, played by Christina Lakin.  Were you a fan of this show?

    After this show went off the air, I found myself hooked on 7th Heaven all through the 2000's.  Beverly Mitchell who played Lucy Camden was my favorite.  Did you have a favorite Camden?  What made shows like these so great was the child actors.  For many of them these television sitcoms were their breakout role and many went on to star in other successful television series or even blockbuster movies as the years went on.

    So, what ever happened to Beverly Mitchell, Christina Lakin and Jodie Sweeten (who played Stephanie on Full House)?  They continued acting in television and movies, and even found time to become mothers.  Now, they are busy moms who are juggling both work and home life, as they have a new show, Hollywood Darlings, which premieres tomorrow night at 8P/7c on Pop.  Did you know they these lovely actresses are the best of friends in real life?  

    I had no idea until I started doing research for a phone call with them to discuss their new improv comedy show, which is sure to be hit, especially with fans who grew up watching their hit shows in the 1990's and 2000's.

    Not only was I able to be on a conference and ask the stars about the show, but I was also able to screen a few of the Hollywood Darlings episodes, which will be airing this season on Wednesday nights at 8P/7c on Pop.  You are definitely in for a treat when you tune into the show tomorrow night, as the ladies will have you laughing from the start of the show right up until the end.  Here is more about the show in case you have missed promos for the show on television or online...

    "Pop’s newest original comedy series HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS starring 90s fan favorites Jodie Sweetin (Full(er) House), Beverley Mitchell (7th Heaven) and Christine Lakin (Step by Step) premieres tomorrow night at 8P/7c on Pop. The comedy series focuses on their unique childhood actor sisterhood that has bonded them as real life friends. They play exaggerated versions of themselves as they navigate motherhood, careers and life in LA.
    HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS turns the camera on real-life friends who are bonded by a sisterhood that only they can share as former child stars who grew up in the 90’s limelight – Jodie Sweetin (“Full House,” “Fuller House”), Christine Lakin (“Step By Step”) and Beverley Mitchell (“7th Heaven”). In this improvised comedy, the three actresses play exaggerated versions of themselves in their current Hollywood lives. With the support of one another, this girl squad can take on anything when it comes to parenting, marriage, friendship and revived careers in Hollywood.

    HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS will feature cameos from Soleil Moon Frye (“Punky Brewster”), Andrew Keegan (“10 Things I Hate About You”), Tamera Mowry (“Sister, Sister”), Lance Bass(NSYNC), Andrea Barber (“Full House”), Nicholle Tom (“The Nanny”), Heather Tom (“Y&R”),Patrick Duffy (“Dallas,” “Step By Step”), Staci Keanan (“Step By Step”) and Wanya Morris(Boyz II Men)."

    As far as the conference call, I was able to ask the ladies the following question and this was their response...

    “What did you guys bring to- to show- to show about yourselves, and what did you exaggerate to make the show more funny?”

    Jodie: Well I think we play heightened versions of ourselves, we all have you know, these little kernels and- of- of- of pieces that we play and you know, uh this is Jodie talking by the way. Uh, y- you know my character is definitely more cynical and- and dark than I am in real life. I have a pretty positive outlook on things and motherhood um, but you know, it was- we really wanted to play it sort of the contrast between myself and Beverly and Christine. Um, so that is- you know, it- it—that’s definitely a- an exaggerated piece of- of- of who I am. I am quick to poke fun at my friends with the utmost love and make fun of myself and that’s something that’s pretty true to- to who I actually am.-

    Christine: Yeah, I’m kind of the ‘hippie dippy’ one of the group, I’m sort of a free spirit. I definitely have those qualities in real life but we exaggerated them for the show for the purposes of comedy, of course. So I’m kind of the lovable fool, that will go out on a limb and make these two crazy in their own respective ways.

    Beverly: I am a Type ‘A’ person - you know, the ever-organized, the label-queen and the um, girl who is prepared for any apocalypse or any ailment that may uh, come your way. I think we played that up a little bit further. Um, I- I would like to think that I am not as um, uptight and tightly wound as I play on the show. I do know how to exactly relax. And take a break. However I have not- I just got my first manicure and pedicure in four years because I didn’t want Jodie to see my toes.


    I loved Christine Lakin growing up, and was surprised when i watched this new show that she is not as recognizable as Beverly Mitchell or Jodi Sweetin.  In my eyes she really does steal the show with her comedic side.  I couldn't stop laughing when watching the episode where she takes Bev Mitchell to a spa (or so Bev thinks).  Fans of Andrew Keegan will be happy as he guest stars on this episode.  

    I don't want to go into too many details as I don't want to spoil the episode. 

    All I will say is that this episode is not to be missed, and will have you talking to your friends about it afterwards.  In addition to Andrew Keegan, you will also see other popular child stars guest starring on the show, including Andrea Barber who played Kimmy Gibbler on Full House and even Soleil Moon Frye better known as Punky Brewster.

    So, if you are looking for a new show to get hooked on and were a fan of Beverly Mitchell, Jodie Sweetin and Christine Lakin growing up, then you will not want to miss Hollywood Darlings premiering tomorrow night at at 8P/7c on Pop.  I, for one, have already cleared by schedule and told my husband he will be putting the girls to bed, so that I can tune in and watch and chat with my girlfriends through messenger about the show.

    Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in which I was compensated for my time.  However, all views shared are mine and mine alone.
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