Monday, April 11, 2016

Let Groupon Coupons Save Your Family $$ On Everyday Purchases w/ Amazing Deals and Offers #GrouponCoupons #ad

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

What do you think of when you hear someone talking about Groupon?  For me, I get excited as this site is one of my favorite guilty pleasures.  I will visit this site not just for their amazing deals, but also for their coupons section.  Did you know Groupon had a coupons sections?  Well, they do, called Groupon Coupons! And, I have saved my family a lot of money shopping our favorite retailers like KohlsMacys and Nordstrom, when updated our closets each season and especially when the holidays and birthdays roll around.  

These are just some of the amazing deals you will find right now over at Groupon Coupons...  

And, with summer fast upon us and families getting ready to enjoy time outdoors, hitting the road for memorable family trips and summer parties and birthdays, you will want to make a point to Groupon Coupons on your radar to take advantage of these and so many more amazing offers.  

Groupon Coupons offers over 70,000 current coupon offers for more than 9,00 stores.  Coupons are good for both in-store and online purchases, which I love.   I don't know about you, but I have found it hard to find time to cut coupons out of Sunday coupon circulars. And, it seems every time I am at a store I forget my coupons or miss out on a deal as I forget my phone to pull up a coupon or the phone's battery is dead or not in range.  Thanks to Groupon Coupons I can do what I like to do best...use coupons to save my family $$.

Come on, who doesn't love to save their family $$$?  I use the money saved on purchased and add to our family's summer vacation fund.  By the time June rolls around, I have saved a couple hundred dollars for us to use.  And, I can't forget to mention that Groupon Coupons also offers fantastic travel deals.  We have found last minute hotel deals for surprise overnight stays with the girls to New England hotels for under $60 a night.  My mom even scored a one way flight to Nashville during fan fair last year for only $108, thanks to a Groupon Coupons deal I found for her.  Usually she would pay upwards of $300 each way.

It is a great feeling seeing how much you can save on everyday purchases and purchases made for gifts and more, both in store and through popular online retailers.  And, thanks to Groupon Coupons they do all the work for me when it comes to compiling and finding all the best deals and offers. I don't have to worry about spending hours finding the best coupon codes to use when I ready to checkout through online retailers and in store. Instead, I visit Groupon Coupons, grab a coupon offer to use and then save.  It is easy as that!  

So, if you had no idea that Groupon offered coupons, you will definitely want to check out Groupon Coupons and start saving your family $$$ today on your online and in-store purchases.

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. I get Groupon emails and love to check out the deals. Sometimes I run across a really good deal on something we wanted to buy anyways!

  2. I have to start getting these, I am always on the lookout for a great coupon thanks for sharing.
    heather [email protected]