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Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear Makes Safety Fun for Kids (Review) #wipeoutart #iwipeout #ad

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Wipeout Dry Erase Productive Gear. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.


How was your day yesterday?  If you lived in New England or other states on the East Coast then you were probably shoveling out from a blizzard like we were.  Gotta love New England weather.  The week before last we were enjoying temperatures in the 70's -- the girls were even sporting t-shirts without jackets, it was so nice out.  And, we could finally see the grass in our yards as the snow had finally melted.  My girls were really excited about spring arriving along with the warmer temperatures.  So, when they woke this AM to see snow falling and the backyard covered in over 10 inches of snow, they were disappointed and sad.  You would think that growing up here they would enjoy the different seasons.  But, when it comes to the cold weather and especially snow, they would rather stay indoors where it is warm.  As I get older I can't blame them, as I am not a fan of the cold weather much either, especially when March rolls around...I am pretty much done looking at the snow here in New England by this time of year.

All of the schools in the state were cancelled today.  But, if you homeschool like us, you probably did a little school work, right?  Please say "Yes", as my girls were bummed out when I said we were having school today, even though they knew kids in public school were off.  We only did an hour of work, so it wasn't bad.  And, when it was done, I surprised the girls with something cool Dry Erase Protective Gear.  

Wipeout is made by Triple Eight, a leading producer of action sports protective gear since 1995 -- a company known for safety and one that parents can trust!

While you may not get excited about a protective helmet or pads, I knew my girls would as they spent last week helping their Daddy tune up their bikes, and wiped down their scooters in storage, so that they could ride around the driveway once the weather was nice again.  Even though they know it will take longer for the snow to melt this time around as it was the heavy kind mixed with sleet, they made sure my husband removed all the snow from the driveway as they are crossing their fingers for no more snow and warmer temperatures later this week and over the weekend, so they can strap on their newly designed helmet and pads and take to the driveway for the season.  This is the year the girls hope to say goodbye to their training wheels on their bikes, so this helmet and protective knee and elbow pads are definitely going to come in handy for beginner falls off the bike once the training wheels are removed.

So, while many kids were enjoying a snow day and playing outside making snowmen or going sledding, my two girls were at the dining room table drawing out fun designs on scrap paper before adding them to the Wipeout Dry Erase helmet and pads we were sent to review.  Not only did they love the bright pink color of the helmet and pads, but they thought it was really cool that this gear could be drawn on and then wiped off to have a clean slate for cool designs and drawings.  
Neon Orange Glossy

Wipeout™ Dry Erase Helmets are dual certified for kids ages 3-to-11 for use on bikes and roller sports. Available in 3 sizes: 3+ fits 47-49 cm; 5+ fits 49-52 cm; 8+ fits 50-54cm

I love seeing my girls getting excited about things. And, they were really into making the helmet and pads look really rad -- their words, not mine.  I was surprised to hear them use "rad" as I didn't think that word was used before. :-)  Here are some photos I took of Savannah hard at work on her helmet.  I gave Bella the knee and elbow pads to decorate, as she waits for her blue helmet to arrive from Amazon, along with a set of pads for Savannah to complete her protective gear look. 

Once my girls take to the streets...well the driveway and nearby park, they will be riding around in style showing off their own unique creations on their hard to miss and oh so stylish helmets and protective pads from Wipeout.

The girls had so much decorating their Wipeout Dry Erase Productive Gear and can't wait to strap their safety gear on and enjoy the nice weather when it finally comes back.  If you have young children who are into skateboarding, riding their bikes or scooters during the warmer months, why not consider upgrading their protective gear to something more cooler?  

Wipeout makes safety fun with their line of dry erase protective helmets and pads.  Your kids will love using the markers and stencils included to make their own designs that will make their protective gear stand out from the rest.  

Stencils and Markers

And, if they make a mistake, not to worry as they simply have to wipe the design or oops spot off and create a new one.  

Black Pad Pack Drawn-on

My girls love the idea of switching up the designs on their helmets and pads to match their moods or likes.  

They can go from shooting stars and hearts one day, to flowers or fun birthday designs in July to celebrate Savannah's upcoming 7th birthday.  The sky is the limit to what your child can think up and draw on their Wipeout helmets and pads.  

While kids will love the unique concept of drawing and switching up designs on their helmets and protective pads to make them standout, parents will be even more happy knowing their kids are staying safer on their bikes, skateboards, roller-skates, scooters, etc. when they strap on their Wipeout gear.  

Say goodbye to fighting with your kids to put on their protective gear, as they will be the first to reach for them when they head out the door. :-)  

Black Glossy Drawn-On

If your kids are currently enjoying snow sports, why not consider picking up the Snow Version of the Dry Erase Helmet from Wipeout, which has ear flaps and a goggle chip, for sledding and snow sports.  This helmet is only $39.99 and can be purchased, along with the other Wipeout Dry Erase Productive Gear mentioned above, at Toys R Us, Target, Academy, Scheel's, Amazon and other leading retailers.  Wipeout Dry Erase Protective 3-Pack includes kneepads, wrist guards, elbow pads, and 2 markers retails for only $24.99. And, the pads come in Black, Teal, Neon Pink and Zest.

Wipeout™ Dry Erase Helmets meet key industry safety regulations:

  • ABS hard-shell construction for durability
  • Dual certification for bike AND skate use ensures true multi-sport protection
  • Complies with U.S. CPSC and ASTM safety standards for bike helmets, skateboarding, and trick roller skating

Each Wipeout™ Dry Erase Pad package comes with everything needed to design custom pads!

  • Each package includes Multi-Sport Wristguards, Knee Pads & Elbow Pads
  • Two dry erase non-toxic markers

Wipeout™ Wrist Guards:

  • Impact-resistant molded splints positioned on top and bottom of wrists for maximum protection
  • Shock absorbing EVA foam secured between support splints and wrist for cushioning
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh to reduce perspiration
  • Three adjustable straps for a perfect fit

Wipeout™ Knee and Elbow Pads:

  • Writeable Caps to Create Custom Dry Erase Designs
  • Tough, abrasion resistant nylon body for durability
  • Impact-resistant cap anchored with reinforced rivets
  • Lightweight and contoured pad design with shock absorbing EVA foam for protection and mobility

Wipeout Dry Erase Protective Gear is great for kids to get creative on their own or with friends, a fun birthday gift and party activity, as well as a super choice for holiday or with a new bike, skateboard or scooter as kids outgrow their old one.  For more information about Wipeout Dry Erase Protective gear, including color options available, where to buy, etc., visit, or today.

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If your children need more inspiration for cool designs to deck their Wipeout helmets and pads with, check out the easy to follow along, step by step tutorials over at  These are just some of the cool designs you can add to your Wipeout protective gear to make them even cooler...

Wipeout Drawing Tutorial-spider web

Wipeout Drawing Tutorial-Racing Snail

Wipeout Drawing Tutorial-Robot
Wipeout Drawing Tutorial-forest
And, if you create an awesome design you want the world to see, then be sure to send your art to  The folks at Wipeout will post the best ones to their gallery. 

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Wipeout Dry Erase Productive Gear. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

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