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Order Your Crab Pot Trees to Make Decorating Your Front Yard Next Christmas Easy as 1-2-3 + Save 30% Now! @crabpottrees #Christmas #Trees @usfg

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

We are only 2 days away from Christmas, and people are already talking about Valentine's Day.  I, too, am having my email flooded with emails from PR reps talking about wonderful Valentine's Day gift ideas.  STOP!!! Can't we just enjoy the holidays a little longer.  It seems like as the years go by the holidays are rushed and before we can even enjoy them, stores and companies are already thinking about the next holiday.  Don't you agree?

I remember as a child, we would put the Christmas tree up on December 1st or the first weekend in December.  It wouldn't come down until mid January.  One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is the tree with its beautiful lights and ornaments.  I love snuggling up with the family on the couch as we watch television, with the Christmas tree all lit up in the background. It is so relaxing.  

Next to the Christmas tree, I love driving around running errands and seeing all the Christmas lights people deck their houses and outdoor trees with.  It really makes the season more magical and fun to share with the family.  Do you still pile into the car and drive around with cocoa in hand enjoying the lights with your family?  I used to do this with my brothers and parents growing up, and now do the same with my two girls.  And, this year, they are old enough to help decorate the outside of our house, so that families like ours who drive around looking for lights will stop and enjoy.  :-)

I was excited to receive a 3 ft. pre-lit tree to add to our display from the kind folks at Crab Pot Christmas Trees yesterday.  The girls had no idea it was coming, and I loved seeing their eyes light up as I got the little tree ready for them to find the perfect spot in the front yard for it.  Once it was placed in the yard, and lit up, we all agreed that our outdoor lights for this year were complete.  :-)

Even though it too late to order a pre-lit tree from Crab Pot Christmas, you can still order and put away from next Christmas.  

Skip the crazy after Christmas store lines and get your pre-lit trees (come in a variety of sizes) and have them delivered right to your door.  Then, come Christmas next year you will be all ready to make your front yard a magical place for your family and those driving by to admire. 

Crab Pot Christmas Trees are made from the very durable PVC Coated Crab Pot Wire which withstands all that Mother Nature throws at it. Want to see these fold flat Crab Pot Christmas Trees? 

Check out the fold flat trees in this video, because seeing is believing and this is how you can make the season sparkle with ease. 

Right now my readers $ave 30% Off Crab Pot Christmas Trees that fold flat & sparkle from every angle.  Just visit  and use promo code: USFG16 at checkout to get this limited time savings today!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Forgot to Get Your Furry Friend a Christmas Gift? Send Them a Pet Gift Box for the New Year - Get 50% Off Now! @PetGiftBox

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

With only 2 days left until Christmas you are probably going crazy wrapping all the gifts you bought, and realizing that you forgot people and pets on your shopping list?  Not to worry, there are always scratch tickets or gift cards to those people you forgot or couldn't find just the right gift for.  And, for your furry friends you forgot, look no further than Pet Giftbox.  

Our two dogs, Milly and Lily received this holiday box from Pet Giftbox today and loved it.  Check out the goodies they received in this monthly subscription box...

As you can see in the photo above they received a box full of toys and treats that will surely keep them busy this holiday season.  Milly was quick to grab the blue snack ball and wanted to try it out.  So, I filled it with a couple of the mini duck treats from Dog for Dog that was included in the box.

Our 14 year old Silky Terrier/Maltese mix, Lily, only has a couple teeth, so she only eats soft treats.  I was happy to see a peanut butter snack bar from Dog for Dog in the box, as I knew she would like it...and that she did.  She quickly grabbed the piece I gave her and headed to her pillow to enjoy...

I ended up putting the other toys that were included in this month's Pet Giftbox to add to their stockings this Christmas, as they were too busy enjoying the snack ball and peanut butter bar to pay attention to me showing off the other goodies from the box. :-)  

This was the first time we received a Pet Giftbox, but will not be our last. I was so impressed with the quality and assortment of the treats and toys that were sent for our rescue pups, and loved seeing them get excited for their new goodies.  Next month when they receive their next Pet Giftbox, it will feel like Christmas again for them. :-)

While you can't order and get a Pet Giftbox in time for Christmas for your furry friends, you can still sign up and surprise them in the new year with one.  :-)  They will still love you...even if their Christmas gift is a few weeks late.

And, right now you can score your first Pet Giftbox at 50% off!  What a great deal, right?  I, for one, wouldn't pass up a deal like this -- which, I have to add is only available for a short time, so don't delay in placing your order at  Be sure you promo code HOLIDAY PET to get this amazing savings!

Check out to save 50% off your 1st box.

And, right now, you can get Get 50% off your 1st PetGiftBox  by using promo code HOLIDAYPET at checkout! All pets deserve a gift this Holiday Season, so why take advantage of this amazing 50% off offer and order a box for your dog and/or cat, and you will be one step closer to crossing everyone, including the family pet off your shopping list. :-)

Head on over to today to get 50% off your 1st @PetGiftBox by using promo code HOLIDAYPET

Treat your pet or surprise your friends and family with a PetGiftBox! Filled with only the best quality treats, toys and other fun goodies your pets will be beggin' for more!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

GREATER & HILLSONG LET HOPE RISE Are Two Faith-Based Films That Remind Us About the True Meaning of Christmas + #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent samples and promotional product from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Image result for true meaning of christmas

I can't believe Christmas is almost year.  It seems like December just flew by.  Maybe because we were sick the better part of November and December, I was just looking for the year to end, that the holidays seemed to sneak up on me.  But, as Christmas draws near, I can't help but stop think reflect on the year and about what Christmas truly means to me.

What does Christmas mean to you?  Ever since being diagnosed with cancer back in 2007 on Christmas Eve with stage 2 nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Christmas time for me comes with mixed emotions.  I can't help but remember the call I received from my doctor telling me the news, and how that year we didn't celebrate the holidays.  Instead, my parents rushed to be with me, and we started researching and finding out what the next steps would be to fight this rare form of cancer.  We tried to do the whole presents and dinner thing, but our minds were elsewhere, as to be expected.

It wasn't until after treatment was over and I was given the "no cancer present" in post-treatment scans, that I could start breathing a little easier and look forward to one of my favorite holidays. Like many people, I drifted away from the church during my early twenties, and found myself returning to the church during my cancer journey.  It is funny how a cancer diagnosis or life threatening disease brings clarity in regards to your faith.  At first I found myself questioning God and why I was given this diagnosis. But, I knew I couldn't dwell on the "why's" and only put my faith in God and know that this was all part of his master plan for me.  I put my faith in him and by the end of 2008 I was celebrating the birth of Jesus with family and friends by my side, while also celebrating my "cancer free" news.

The years following my cancer diagnosis have only gotten better.  I am now 8 years in remission and have two beautiful and healthy daughters, who are my world.  And, as we get ready to celebrate Christmas, I can't help but find myself thinking about the real meaning of the holidays, as we can seem to get lost in the craziness of shopping and the hoopla that people put on the holiday.  Even though my girls are too young to really understand the real meaning of the holiday, I know that they will understand the real meaning when they get a little bit older, and can truly celebrate the birth of Jesus, as we also give thanks to God for helping guide me through my cancer journey and giving me my two girls, which doctors said wouldn't have been possible.

This season is a perfect time to gather the family and enjoy a wholesome movie that also has positive faith based messages.  If you are looking for a way to share the true meaning of the season with your family, why not consider checking out these two new DVD releases  -- Hillsong: Let Hope Rise and Greater, both which arrive on DVD tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 20th.

Here is more about these two amazing movies, that do a wonderful job in showing you how God enables us all to do extraordinary things in our life.

 HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE was a phenomenon when it came out in theaters this past September and we’d love to continue the worship experience with everyone this holiday season. 

"This critically acclaimed movie chronicles the spectacular and miraculous rise to prominence of the Australia-based worship band, Hillsong UNITED, and features powerful performances of their most iconic and beloved hit songs such as "Oceans" "Mighty To Save" and "Hosanna." The New York Times called HILLSONG LET HOPE RISE a "slick, stirring concert film.

In addition to the movie, bonus material includes four never-before-seen live songs including "The Stand," as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the church that started the Hillsong movement. Check out this exclusive clip of the bands performance of "The Stand." HILLSONG-LET HOPE RISE is the perfect last-minute stocking stuffer gift for the Jesus lover on your Christmas list!"

A story of unwavering faith and musical inspiration, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise captures the on-stage energy and off-stage hearts of global church band sensation, Hillsong United.

The second is GREATER, a film about an unlikely young man who had all the odds stacked up against him when he tried out to play football at one of the most prestigious football programs in the country. 


"GREATER follows the true story of Brandon Burlsworth who is perhaps the greatest walk-on in the history of college football. Brandon dreamed of playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks but was told he wasn't good enough to play Division I ball. Undeterred, Brandon took a risk and walked on in 1994. Written off by fellow teammates and coaches, Brandon displayed dogged determination in the face of staggering odds. The awkward kid who once was an embarrassment to his teammates and an annoyance to his coaches ended up becoming the most respected player in the history of the program, changing the lives of all he touched."


This time of year many people may struggle with their faith if they are faced with difficult situations in their life.  But, movies like the two mentioned above are a great reminder about God's love for us all, and how when times get tough we need to remember to lean on on faith and persevere, and that God will help guide us through the dark times and bring us into the light of all that is wonderful...we just have to belief and have faith that God will lead the way.


Hillsong: Let Hope RiseGreater

I am excited to offer one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader the chance to win both Hillsong: Let Hope Rise and Greater, both on DVD, to enjoy with their family. These two inspirational movies (Greater is based on a real person) would make for great family movie nights with your family, in which you can discuss how their faith and their belief in God helped them achieve amazing things in their life.

To enter my giveaway, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent samples and promotional product from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.
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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Malt Shop Cookies -- The Best Kept Secret for Mail Order Malted Milk Cookies (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Order by Tuesday, December 20th to Get In Time for Christmas!!!

Delicious Cookies Made with Malted Milk

Growing up, what was your favorite cookie?  Next to my Italian grandmother's cookies, I would have to save malt cookies my Mom would make.  This was the first cookie she learned how to make as a child from her mother, and she used to make all the time for my brothers and I.  We thought these were the norm for cookies, until we started having friends over and they tried the cookies.  They were quick to respond with "that was different" or "that doesn't taste like the chocolate chip cookies my Mom makes."  But, after a couple more bites they were hooked, too.   My mom would usually get a phone call after asking for her recipe from our friends' moms, or they would ask what type of cookie it was.  This is when we learned malt cookies were unique, and that some people have not have the pleasure of trying.  Fast forward to today and now I am making malt cookies for my girls, and introducing their friends to this tasty cookie.  

Have you tried malt cookies before?  They have been around for a long time...ask a Baby Boomer you know and they will probably rave about these cookies.  When you get them talking about malt cookies they will probably ask why or if you know where to get some, as they probably miss the flavor.  When they do, be sure to tell them to check out Malt Shop Cookies.  I was recently told about this site and had the opportunity to review a personalized bucket of their cookies for inclusion in my holiday gift guide.  And, while they don't taste like my Mom's malt cookies (come on, who can cook or bake better than your own Mom), they hit the spot and remind those who grew up enjoying malt cookies about childhood memories of dipping these cookies in a cold glass of milk, enjoying hot out of your grandmother or mother's oven, or at a holiday party.  Memories of your childhood enjoying malt cookies will come rushing back to you once you take a bite of a malt cookie from the folks at Malt Shop Cookies.

So, what are malt cookies for those who haven't tried this popular cookie?  As the name suggests, these cookies are made with malted milk, hence the unique flavor you may not expect with a cookie.

"Malted Milk is best known as the flavor that gave birth to every Malt Shop, Soda Fountain, Diner and Lunch Counter all across the USA. It is that. But times change. It’s still got that fine and sweet finishing touch flavor. But Malted Milk also offers something else. Made from malted barley, wheat and whole milk, it’s a natural, completely natural, preservative. That means our (your) cookies stay soft and moist for a long, long time. No artificial preservatives needed. Just an all natural way to deliver the wonderful flavor that it is. So, Malted Milk in a cookie? The way it was meant to be."

I don't know about you, but it is hard for me to find a good cookie at the market that tastes fresh baked.  Cookies on the shelves have so many preservatives and ingredients that you leave you scratching your head.  And, the bakery leaves you wishing you just made a batch of cookies yourself.  But, if you are busy parent on the go, finding time to get in the kitchen and bake is hard to do.  I stay home with my girls all day, but find that my time is limited when it comes to baking and cooking, as we always seem to be doing something or on the go.  

So, I was excited when I found out Malt Shop Cookies, as I love to order food online and have it delivered to the house.  Tasty treats like this always come in handy especially around the holidays when I have family and friends stopping by to visit.  I can now offer them malt cookies, and introduce to them to malted milk flavored cookies for the first time, or reminisce with them about our childhoods enjoying these cookies.  And, because I know so many people from my childhood, as well as my parents and other relatives who are Baby Boomers, having an online shop like Malt Shop Cookies comes in handy for birthday and holiday gift ideas, as everyone loves tasty treats, especially when they arrive on your doorstep unexpectedly. :-)

Like I said, I was sent a sample tin of malt cookies from the folks at Malt Shop Cookies.  They wanted me to see their personalized tins you can customized with a personal message and photo, to surprise that special someone in your life with malt cookies.  Check out the cute tin I was sent, which included 3 of their malt cookies flavors to sample with my family...

Isn't this a cute idea?  I loved the cute dog on the cover, but the best part were the cookies that were inside the tin. :-)  When you order from Malt Shop Cookies you can choose to fin your personalized tin (or even a gift bag) with any of their three flavors (with more flavors to come) -- chocolate chip, double chocolate and mocha chocolate.  

Want to try all three flavors?  Then, choose their variety pack and they will include 18 cookies in their medium tin - (6) Chocolate Chip (6) Mocha Chocolate and (6) Double Chocolate.  Or, opt for the large tin and get 36 cookies in total: (12) Chocolate Chip, (12) Mocha Chocolate and (12) Double Chocolate.

My mouth is watering just looking at these photos of the cookie from Malt Shop Cookies, and remembering just how good they tasted.  My favorite was chocolate chip, while my husband and girls raved about the double chocolate ones.  It was nice to sit around the table with cold glasses of milk dipping our malt cookies in the cup and then taking little bites, savoring the flavor of these cookies.  I kept telling my girls that these were my favorite cookies growing up, and how I would teach them to make these cookies when they get a little older.  But, in the meantime, I can now get my malt cookie fix by ordering online at Malt Shop Cookies whenever I want.  And, you can, too!  So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Malt Shop Cookies today and place an order to surprise someone you love with a personalized malt cookie tin, or just buy a tin for yourself to enjoy or so you can put these cookies out on your Christmas dessert table.  

Once you try these cookies you will see why I and so many others can't get enough of them! :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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How Bulletproof Coffee Has Changed My Life for The Better #ElevateTheSeason #ad

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample and compensation from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Bulletproof - Official Store for Bulletproof Products

Leave it to a major life event or illness to get you to slow down and re-evaluate your life.  For me, it was getting sick this past October and winding up in the hospital for over a week with pneumonia, to be reminded that I have to slow down and enjoy life, but also that I need to take care of myself better.

We all think we are super moms, and find ourselves putting our kids and significant others first, only to deal with consequences of our actions after the fact.  I thought I could do everything -- from homeschooling our girls ever day, to driving them around to extra curricula activities and outside homeschool classes, to taking care of the house and everything in between. But, I forgot to do one thing...take time for myself to recharge my batteries and simply rest.  Lack of sleep, a poor diet, and also being on the go led me to get sick as I was run down.  And, in the process, I found myself gaining weight from skipping breakfast, grabbing unhealthy snacks on the go, and not having the time or energy to exercise.  

Like I said, it took a hospital stay to see how I wasn't taking care of myself, and that I didn't need to do everything.  While I was away my parents and husband were able to tend to the house and care for the girls.  The house didn't fall apart, and the girls were tended to and their homeschooling was done, along with taking them to their classes.  Yes, my husband and parents saw that I did a lot, but they also knew the importance of time to rest, and that it was OK if things weren't all done in one day...there was always tomorrow.

I wondered if there was a coffee out there that was good for you?  That gave you "good" energy without the crash, and even helped you lose weight?  Far fetched, you think?  I thought so too, until I stumbled upon Bulletproof Coffee and was given the opportunity to try it out for 7 days.  My husband also wanted to join me on my "Bulletproof Coffee" challenge (as my husband and I have called it) as he had heard about this "butter" coffee and its many benefits, and how it really tasted good.  

I have to admit when I first read about this coffee and what you add to it...butter...I wondered how it could be good for you.  We usually try to limit the amount of fats including butter in our diet.  How was adding butter to our coffee supposed to be good?  Then, I read more and tried my first cup.  "Wow!"  Why didn't I know about Bulletproof Coffee sooner.  This stuff is amazing. I couldn't get over how much energy I had after drinking my first cup.  And, unlike other caffeinated coffees, it wasn't a caffeine energy rush I was feeling. Instead, I really felt like I had I was well rested, had a clear-mind and was ready to take on the day type of energy. I have to admit, I haven't felt this way in so long.  My husband, who has been able to live a more healthy lifestyle with eating healthy and exercising daily, was also surprised at the energy boost he got.  He said he usually finds himself dragging mid-morning and needing to reach for a snack or going for a brisk walk to get himself going away.  But, after starting on the Bulletproof Challenge with me, it was like he was a new and improved person, full of energy and also feeling ready to conquer his day after his morning cup of this rich and frothy coffee.

Before I go on about just how great Bulletproof Coffee is and why you should consider making the shift as part of your new year's resolution to a be you, here is more about Bulletproof Coffee including the back story, what goes into a cup of this unique coffee, and the many benefits a cup of Bulletproof Coffee has to offer....

Let's first start with what I was sent to try out Bulletproof Coffee...

In the picture above you see BRAIN OCTANE OIL - 16 OZ., GRASS-FED GHEE – 13.5 OZ, and THE ORIGINAL WHOLE BEAN COFFEE - 12OZ., which you can purchase online at Bulletproof Coffee, as well as find at many retailers and fitness center and gyms (use their store locator on their website to find a retailer or facility near that carries Bulletproof products, so you never have to worry about running out)

When making a cup of Bulletproof Coffee you use all three products, which can be purchased directly from the Bulletproof Coffee website for around $65.  Don't worry, this stuff will last you awhile. I have been on our "Bulletproof Challenge" for over a week now and still have product left.  

Steps to brew the perfect cup of Bulletproof Coffee...

Here is a quick video my husband, with the help of our 5 year old daughter, made showing just how easy it is to make a cup of Bulletproof Coffee.

If my five year old daughter can make it, so can you! :-)

And, now the best part about these products...what makes them so great over other products and their key benefits you will see after drinking your first cup...

Did you know that many (well actually) most coffees contain mold toxins in them?  This is just how the beans are harvested and handled in the whole coffee production.  Bulletproof Coffee has minimized many of these mold toxins through a proprietary process they have developed during their coffee production, optimizing each step and thus cutting down on the mold toxins in their coffee.  This alone makes me want to switch the Bulletproof Coffee brand, as I already suffer from chronic autoimmune diseases and have had cancer.  I don't need to chance getting more health conditions or suffer from health issues that can be caused by ingesting mold toxins, just because I don't want to give up my morning coffee.  

You can learn more about how the folks at Bulletproof have been able to remove mold toxins in their coffee over at their really is a fascinating read.  And, there is a video talking about it, too. :-)
You can use Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee alone.  But, it is best paired with their Bulletproof® Brain Octane and grass-fed, unsalted butter (Ghee), as these two add-ins not only give your coffee a richer and frothier taste, and also helps to energize your mind and body, which you will feel instantaneously as you enjoy your morning cup of Bulletproof Coffee.

Brain Octane Oil, which is naturally found in coconut oil in small quantities, provides a fuel source for more mental clarity and physical performance. Because it comes from coconut oil and contains 16x the healthy fats of Coconut Oil, Brain Octane Oil provides you with the purest energy source that helps you stay energized throughout the day without the crash you get from other caffeniated coffees and products.  

The energy that you feel is pure energy, thus supporting your cognitive function throughout the day.  And, the best part next to the pure energy you feel, is that Brain Octane Oil also helps satisfy your food cravings so you have less food cravings, which means no need to reach for an unhealthy snack mid-morning to give you an energy boost.  

As I mentioned earlier, when you consume Brain Octane Oil with your Bulletproof Coffee, you will begin to feel this energy throughout as it is absorbed rapidly throughout your body and begins to change into ketone bodies (which simply means it provides instant energy to your brain without breaking down into glucose) -- thus the almost instantaneous energy boost you feel as you drink your coffee.   Brain Octane Oil will keep you fueled with energy, as well as keep your mind sharp for hours...try saying that about other coffees and products that claim they can provide energy or mental clarity (before the big crash you feel, yuck!)

Bulletproof Ghee goes through a process where it is slowly heated to remove the moisture and milk solids found in grass-fed butter, leaving only the purest, most clarified butter fat.  This is what makes your cup of Bulletproof Coffee with Ghee rich and creamy, and gives you the ultimate froth experience :-)   I know what you are saying, "Butter in my coffee...Yuck!" Just try it, and you will see just how good it makes your coffee taste.


When I bring up Bulletproof Coffee with friends and family, some look at me in wonder as they have never heard about it before.  Others say they have heard about it, but the idea of butter in their coffee turned them off. I had to reassure that the butter or "ghee" that you add to your coffee doesn't make it taste bad.  Instead, it gives your daily coffee a new depth and richness that you don't get with other coffees out there.  And, the addition of the brain boost liquid turns this coffee in the energy boosting, great tasting coffee that all us coffee drinkers look to get when we make our daily cup of Jo to get us going for the day.  What is so amazing about Bulletproof Coffee is that you don't experience the mid-morning caffeine crash and if you stick with this coffee each and every day, you find yourself actually losing weight.  Yes, you read that can actually lose weight while enjoying a great tasting coffee, as the Brain Octane Oil helps reduce food cravings and leaves your feeling no more mid-morning snacks to get an energy boost.  Bulletproof Coffee with the addition of Brain Octane Oil and Ghee will leave you feeling satisfied and full of energy, and with a mental clarity you haven't felt before with other coffees on the market. 

Even Bella gives it is the seal of approval! :-)

So, as we say goodbye to 2016, let's look forward to the new year with better intentions and with resolutions we can actually stick with.  I know that with Bulletproof Coffee I will be able to keep my resolutions of 1 cup of coffee a day, working towards losing the weight I have been slowly gaining these past few years (instead of losing), and having more energy to enjoy life and what most -- my family.  I am so glad I stumbled across Bulletproof Coffee and had the opportunity to try it out, as I am a good way.  And, I know that once you try Bulletproof Coffee for yourself that you will see why my husband and I and so many others love this coffee and look forward to it each and every day.

To learn more about Bulletproof Coffee visit their website today.

Be sure to stay up-to-date on all things related to Bulletproof Coffee by following their social media pages below...

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample and compensation from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.
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